09 October 2017



I'm a weak person. One drugstore is having 30% off of certain make-up items and I felt the need to buy some. I tried to do the minimal damage but when everything is laying in front of me it looks like a lot.

These two Trend it up palettes are the first two items from this brand. I wanted to dip my toes in it and got the two cheek palettes. I remember I already swatched them before and I wasn't too impressed, now I saw them on sale and I picked them up as fast as possible. I'm really weak. I convinced myself that if the colors won't work for my face I can still use the as an eye shadows, right? The top one is no. 010 and all matte the bottom one is named no. 020 and it is more of a highlighter palette because of the all shimmery shades.

Big round pots are Alverde marbled duo bronzer in Soft Bronze which looks very fair even on my pale complexion so I hope it will even show up. I only swatched it in the store so I don't know if it will be an actual bronzer or just an all over the face powder for me.  The blush is one of the two newer ones and it is baked blush in Peachy Bronze. I love everything marbled and baked so this one was a no brainer for me.

The last two lip products are both from Rimmel and the first is the lipstick, I for sure don't need more but it reminded me so much of my beloved Essence sheer and shine lippies that I had to get at least one to try it out. Funny enough, even the names of the lines are similar. It is Moisture renew sheer and shine in the color Glow-rious Pink and it is a soft glossy pink. I can't wait to start wearing it and compare it to the Essence one. The second one is a Oh my gloss! oil tint in the master Pink shade. I only swatched it at the back of my hand and the idea of a glossy and moisturizing oil combined with a stain seemed interesting enough to proceed to the checkout.

That was day one, on the other day and different store I went on a shadow mayhem.

My first Rimmel shadows. The quad is Smokey Brun (yep, that is the name of it). To the touch these four shadows are like silk, the softest and most buttery shadows that I have ever touched. I think I won't even use brushes with them. The other mono one is super popular and seeing it in person it doesn't really screams I'm special but I can see the appeal. Very neutral with a beautiful shimmer through, easy all over the lid kind of shade that I'm a fan of and even though I haven't tried it yet I think we will get along very well. Oh, I almost forgot it is called Millionaire, for some reason I call it Billionaire   ;)

The rest are all Trend it up shades and the 'regular' ones, the 7 of them weren't even on sale so I didn't 'need' to pick them up right away but I didn't know that before purchasing them. Anyways, I bought (in order of appearance) 010, 060, 067, 080, 110 and 070.

The last three are all Trend it up but from different lines. I thought picking only one from each line will get me a glimpse of the textures and quality without wasting too much money. The first from the bottom is Elastic shadow in 020 shade. I actually wanted the more taupe/grey shade but it was already all swatched up even though there was a sample to get your fingers in. Why do nasty people feel the need to ruin brand new products even if there are opened samples? I will never understand this phenomenal. Next to it is a scarabeo no. 010 line which I think is in the process of getting discontinued if that is so then the metallic line is replacing it, mine is in the no. 030.

I have a lot on my plate to try out but it is the sweetest suffer, don't you think?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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