07 October 2017

Creamy Melon


lip products are still one of my favorite make-up items and sometimes I just can't resist buying them. The particular lipstick is already discontinued but sometimes it still pops up and you are able to get some. I already have one shade and the formula suits me very well so I decided to get the shade I was lusting for for a long time.

It is Avon Ultra Color Absolute lipstick in Creamy Melon shade. I'm not crazy about the pink packaging but if the product inside is nice then I don't mind it.

The shade looks like it would be a nice peachy coral number but it swatches differently on my skin and lips. The formula is very creamy and glossy but at the same time it is very pigmented. I don't recommend it in darker or bolder shades but in more neutral tones this formula is very moisturizing and lovely.

On my skin tone this shows up like an orange lipstick and it was not what I expected. I still tried to wear it but orange lips just aren't for me, I don't feel comfortable knowing that this is on my lips. I ended up returning it. I still like the formula on these and I hope that Avon will bring them back and if they do, I hope there will be my kind of coral in the bunch.

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