15 October 2017



I feel like I'm tossing a lot of products away lately which is good and bad at the same time. I'm talking about items that aren't done completely and I'm getting rid of them because they went bad (I have way too many products) or because I realized that my taste changed and I don't want to wear them anymore.

That being explained I will start with the Himalaya purifying neem face mask. I had another clay mask from the same brand in the past called Clarina and I liked it a lot but it was very intense. It felt like it was burning my skin off while it was on my face but the next day my skin looked much better. I would say that this one is more mild, it didn't burn but at the same time it made my skin more clear and smooth. Maybe it wasn't as efficient after just one use but it was more comfortable so I will repurchase this one in the future. Right now I will try to go through the pure green clay that I have and after that I will get myself another tube of this one.

Next one is Balea hand and nail chamomile cream. It is very small, only 30 ml but I think they sell it in bigger size as well. I bought it only because I used up the hand cream I had at work and I just knew that my hands won't go through 8 hour shift without a moisturizer so I ran to the drugstore which is just around the corner and got myself a mini because I have tons of lotions at home. It had a lovely calming chamomile scent and it did absorb fast but after I washed my hands they were still dry. I think it was just sitting on my skin and did nothing. The scent alone is not enough to repurchase it but I will look what other brands have to offer in that scent.

Next are the two blushes and nether of them is used up. They are the oldest ones and I rarely use them so I just decided to toss them. I don't think I will miss them since I used them so rarely.

The peachy-coral is Skin Food Cheek Chalk in Peach shade. This is a cream blush and it comes with a little sponge which I found useful until I washed it the second time. It started to fall apart so I tossed it but then I had to stick my fingers in it and I didn't use it much. The opening is small and if you have long nails then you know the struggle. I have a lot of similar blushes in powder forms that I prefer to use so I couldn't justify this little pot anymore.

Second one is Tony Moly delight petite blusher in the Petite Peach color. It is a hot cool toned pink color and where I live we don't have peaches in that color, at first I thought that they messed my order but that is the actual color of the product. I have warm undertone and such a cool pink doesn't suit me and I think I never wore it in public, I tried to make it work but with no success. It looks all adorable when you get it because it comes with a large fluffy puff (imagine old fashioned powder boxes, they had this type of 'applicator' or think of a polar bear fluff). I immediately washed it (I don't know who have been toughing it) and it started to shed like crazy so I never used in. It was a bit of a bummer but what really seal the deal was the shade that just didn't match with my skin tone.

On the bottom there is my second tube of Avon true color supreme length nourishing mascara in brown/black (only because I bought two when they came out and before trying it out). For me this was average, it made my lashes a little darker and combed through but still very natural to the point that my co-worker asked me why I don't wear any mascara! Seriously? It does look natural but does it look like nothing? Well, I could see it but it didn't give me the fake lash effect so I was happy that it finally dried up and now I'm using one of my favorites (Avon supershock max) and boy, oh boy I can see a big difference.

For last I saved the two eye pencils.
The little one is Essence Blossoms etc. LE in the shade I like. I would never get a shade like that but I won a giveaway and it was sent to me. It was a cool toned green with silver shimmer which I mostly wore on top of black pencils to give some sparkle and now at the end I wore it all over the lid as a secondary base to make warm shadows a little less warm or yellow. It was nice for cooling down the looks but at the same time I'm super happy to see it gone because it was several years old.

The silver one is Avon Color Trend in Silver and probably my oldest one in my collection. I remember I used to love it but now I hardly ever wear cool toned eye shadows and even when I do I prefer to use the simple black or grey pencil and this one was just left in the back forgotten. I  decided to pick it up but it got very dry and I don't want to hurt my eyes and skin with it so it is going in the bin, I have plenty of other pencils that I love and would rather use.

They are both very reflective but the green Essence one has silver shimmer in it while the Color Trend one is metallic with no visible particles. I remember it was part of the Valentine's Day collection many, many moons ago but they still make great soft pencils under this line. I only wish they would expand the color selection because now it is a bit generic but the formula is still buttery soft.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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