31 March 2017



this month is a little longer but I don't mind. It is my birthday month and the best gift for me is the awakening of the mother nature. I love the fresh breeze, warm sun, blooming trees and colorful plants. This year can finally start and I'm starting it on the positive note and now I can only wish to continue like this.
I have been saving for the past couple of months and that results in lots of empties because I don't buy and try new products but use the same ones until they are gone and this month is not an exception.

I will start with the two body moisturizers, first bottle is Afrodita's anti stress massage oil (I was massaging myself ;) with an amazing lavender and herbal scent. Oil sinked in rather quick so my sheets didn't absorb much and I liked that. You don't need much to moisturize the entire body and this bottle lasted me for a long time. I will repurchase it for sure but first I have to go through a couple of other oils before they go bad on me.

Next is an oldie but a goldie (this is my second used up bottle). It is from Avon Planet SPA line with the Himalayan goji berry which smells like strawberry on steroids, not artificial at all but quite strong, I sometimes used it in the morning and skipped the perfume all together. This line is sadly no longer available but if it will ever come back I'm repurchasing.

Third tube is my favorite face moisturizer. Neutrogena oil free face moisturizer is my favorite and this is my second tube and I'm already on my third one. I discovered it last year and since then I haven't even look for anything else. It has very light texture which absorbs quickly which comes handy in the morning, it moisturizes very well and it doesn't leave greasy film. My oily skin loves it and I will continue repurchasing, the only thing I miss is the SPF but I use primers and BB creams on top which includes sun protection so I'm covered.

My sister is eager to find effective natural deodorant and she tried this L'occitane cooling deodorant with Citrus and Verbena scent (very fresh and clean scented just how I like it, I would even have this scent in the perfume version). She has tried many over the last five years or so and nothing worked, even this one caused painful irritation on her armpits so she offered it to me. I kindly accepted it and I liked it. My armpits aren't as sensitive but after using it two weeks straight they got a bit red and itchy so I skipped a day and the next morning I was fine. I exercised almost every day and the scent was okay, this definitely isn't the most long lasting deo but the scent is lovely however the price tag brought me back on the solid ground. It costs almost 17 € and for that much it has to be perfect so I most probably won't buy any L'occitane deo ever again.

Second to last is Omnia Cosmetics day eye cream with hyaluronic acid. I already used up the thicker night cream and now I finished this one which had gel consistency which absorbed super quickly. I tried it under my eyes but apparently it was too strong because it irritated my eyes (they both did) so instead using it around my eye area I used it all over my face as a serum and I managed to use it up. In the future I will be careful with this ingredient but I'm not sure if it really was the Hyaluronic acid that caused me troubles. Right now I'm using face cream with this acid and it seems fine, I also have two other Hyaluronic acid serums and I will see how they will work. This particular item was available only for a very limited time so even if I would love it I wouldn't be able to get a backup.

And finally the last item is limited edition hand cream from Essence in the Banana and Dark Chocolate scent. The scent is a dupe of the Casali choco bananas desert which I adore. The hand cream was average to me, if I applied a little too much it left my hands greasy but if my skin was really dry and cracked it didn't do much. It was best to use constantly and very little but people were always asking me what my perfume is or what I'm eating when it was just this hand cream ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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