20 March 2017

Black to White


in February I got a lovely gift from Essence and among the other products they also included this dual eye pencil. I was using it quite regularly and I'm very picky when it comes to eye pencils because I have hooded and extremely oily lids.

Essence sculpting eye pencil in the shade Black to White is the one I got, they also offer the purple and brown version and if I'm not mistaken the cream shades are all different from each other.
The pencil is normal sized except it has two colors, one on each side.

One side is pitch black, very creamy and easy to apply.

Other side is not pure white as the name implies but it is more of a neutral cream color with zero shimmer and it is as creamy as the black side. On the swatch below it appears silver toned but in real life it isn't.

Here they are swatched side by side. There is no shimmer present but the lighter shade has almost a metallic finish (no particles just some glow when I turn my hand or my head since I usually wear it on my eyes and not at the back of my hand ;).

Here you can maybe see it better. I distributed the lighter shade evenly but due to it's reflex it looks multidimensional and very lovely on the eye but it is not as obvious since the area is much smaller than here on my hand.

The formula is very easy to work with, the pencils feel soft, there is no tugging and after a couple of seconds it dries and it doesn't move around my lid. I have very oily skin and hooded eyes so finding a pencil that would stay is a challenge (so far my favorite are Avon glimmersticks, Benecos natural kajals and Essence longlasting pencils) but this duo lasted on me very well. In the middle of the day I did noticed that it printed on top of my lid but it was so faint and barely visible, I could fix it with a gentle rub. For longevity I would give it four out of five stars, I love both colors, especially the cream side since I normally use a lot of light shimmery shades in my inner corners and this is a nice change. Now I'm interested in checking the brown version out which is called Peach for Chocolate (the name itself screams my name ;).

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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