15 March 2017



I back with another empties post. Today's talk will evolve around lip products, don't believe me?

Lets clear the one product that sticks out first. It is Avon clearskin pore penetrating gel cleanser about which I talked here and I still agree with it. It is gentle to my skin and eyes but it removes all of my make-up and sebum. My skin is pretty clear at the moment and I believe that using this cleanser regularly helped with that. I am considering repurchasing it but not right away since I have two full cleansers in my stock and I need to use them up before buying some more.

The next four products are all lip items. On some of them I worked for a while but this Manhattan Sweet & Tasty one in the shade Swiss Milk Chocolate was gone under a month of consistent use. I can't find how much product this bottle holds but it has to be below 4 ml, I know it looks like a normal sized gloss but the plastic is pretty thick and the inner space (where the product is housed) is super slim. I googled them and they replaced them with a similar looking glosses but since this brand is no longer available here I can't tell if they are indeed the same. Anyway, this gloss smelled and tasted really nice (as the name already implies). It was sweet with toffee and vanilla thrown in the mix. It didn't last long on the lips but I didn't mind since it tasted so good, the only 'issue' I had with it was the color. It is such a pale golden bronze shade which didn't go well with my pigmented lips and my complexion so I mostly used it at home where no one could saw me but since it was moisturizing enough I could skip the lip balm and reapply this product all day long. I might repurchase it again but definitely in a different shade.

I manged to use up another gloss, this one is from Avon ultra glazewear line and the shade is called Nude Muse. This line of glosses is awesome, I like everything about them (sweet scent, glossiness, color payoff, great sales) and this one was not an exception. It is quite brown toned nude with no shimmer. It is a great lip gloss but I don't think I will repurchase this particular shade again simply because I find this nude to be slightly too brown for my taste. I mostly wore it on top of pink lipsticks to make more of a nude-y pink lips. I currently have two other shades but I'm eyeing some others as well (I had Crystal Lilac in the past and it is the shade I will repurchase it someday in the future).

Second to last is Catrice luxury oils intensive care gloss in the color Spending all my Honey. I wrote a very positive review last year in July and I still agree with everything said. This 'color' was my least favorite since I noticed after reapplying it all day that my lips turned slightly yellow. Nothing too crazy but still noticeable if you looked closer so I wore it inside my home. The scent was barely there but it didn't remind me of honey as the brand was implying. I reached for this oil when my lips were in poor state and it manged to heal them in just one day. I call this product a miracle and a must in my collection but Catrice discontinued them all together but they have very similar looking product in the Essence line so when I will be done with all three of them I will try those and I keep my fingers crossed that they used the same formula.

Manhattan Sweet & Tasty Swiss Milk Chocolate lip gloss, Avon ultra glazewear Nude Muse lip gloss &
Avon ultra color Latte lipstick

The last item is Avon lipstick sample form their core line, ultra color and the shade is Latte. This one is one of my favorite nudes and since I already have a full size it felt very natural to go through the little sample. It is a brown toned nude (not as brown as the gloss) with no shimmer. It apply like a dream and it has almost a velvet finish, probably because it is so pigmented (it covers my natural pigment with just two layers) and due to that it also lasts on the lips. As mentioned, I already have a full size and when I will use it up I'm definitely buying more of it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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