03 March 2017

44. NOTD


it was time to switch up my nail polish and Essence team kindly send me one bottle from their new range to try so I decided to paint my nails with it.

My Essence Glow & Care luminous nail polish with kukui oil is in the shade Love and Care. It contains special oil from Hawaii which strengthens and protect your nails while wearing it but probably you have to wear it non-stop for a couple of weeks to see the results.

They named them luminous varnishes with a reason. When you tilt the bottle and the light captures little pearl particles it has this beautiful shine.

It looks magical, right? I don't know about other colors because this is the only one I have for now but this glow doesn't transfer on the nail. I think the texture is too thick and pigmented to show through this delicate shimmer.

This polish was a dream to apply. The consistency feels a bit thick but in a good way. It glides over the nail with an ease and one coat is almost sufficient. My nails are a bit longer and I just prefer two coats to make sure everything is nice but if you are in a hurry and have shorter nails this could be a one coater for you.
It dries with a shiny finish but not super glossy, maybe I'm just so used to the gel varnishes where they have this juicy/glossy finish to them.
I really like how smooth it applied and how well it lasted on my nails. I rarely have problems with polishes and this one lasted on me the average five days. I had a minor tip wear and two small chips but I can blame washing my hair and scrubbing my bathroom for that. For this test I didn't put any top coat on and I really like how well it lasted on me.

So, to conclude, I like this line of nail polishes that they came out with but I am not a huge fan of the particular shade. This one is very similar to the Catrice Welcome to Roosywood. It has the same dusty rose shade the only difference is that the Essence one is a smidge brighter. They offer 7 shades and I checked them online and I like all of them, the one I got is my least favorite. They played it safe because there are only pink/purple hues in the line but if some of the shades will appeal to me or I don't have a similar shade in my extensive collection already I will get one or two but in the future I hope they will come out with 'bolder' colors. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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