28 February 2017



we came to an end of the month and I collected a few empties. This time around there are quite a lot of lip products and knowing myself and my obsession over them I better make this intro short because the post will be long anyways.

Winter is saying goodbye and I wanted to finish up this old hand cream. It is Fruttini Peach & Pear scented hand cream. I bought it a long time ago and if I'm not mistaken they changed the packaging and I think this scent is gone. It had a lovely pear scent which is rare to find in cosmetics (pear often gets overlooked even though it is delicious) but also the formula was superb. Very thin, almost milky but hydrating enough to keep my hands soft and supple. I would repurchase it in a heartbeat but since the scent is gone I might try another fragrance and hope for the same formula.

In the orange tube is Avon Infinitize mascara in the Brown/Black shade (I always get this color, it still looks black but not as harsh  and I just prefer that). I wrote about it here where you can also see the special wand that it has. At first it looked scary but I quickly got used to it and I ended up really loving it. It separated my lashes, elongated them a bit and it managed to hold an impressive hold through the entire day. If you are on a hunt for a volumizing mascara this one is for you. At the moment I have five backup mascaras and one of them is another tube of this baby.

The following are four lip products that come to an end. First is Avon ultra glazewear lip gloss in the Pink Watermelon shade also the first swatch on the upper photo but I captured the shade better in the stand alone post here. It is still half full but it went bad. I started to feel weird tingle on my lips every time I would put it on and that was a dead ringer that it just went bad. Thankfully I wasn't a big fan of a bright fuchsia shade and multicolored glitter so this loss isn't so painful.

Next to it is Essence tinted sheer lip balm from the Happy Girls are pretty LE. Mine had a sticker with the Live, laugh, love and repeat name on it but on the official web site the lighter shade had a Pretty you! name. I remember there was a lot of confusion around the names but essentially my shade was the lighter from the two. It was a nice toned down baby pink shade with no shimmer particles and it was really moisturizing. I liked it so much that I even dig everything out from the packaging that is the reason why the swatch looks so weird because there wasn't enough product left. I would definitely repurchase it if it would still be available but I know Essence has some tinted lip balms in their regular line and I might pick one out to see it they reused this wonderful formula.

For last I saved the lipsticks. One is Catrice Ultimate Colour lipstick in the shade Kiss me if you can (discontinued two years ago but I have a back up). It is a nice soft pink shade, a little more vibrant than the lip balm I just wrote about and the lipstick also included some silver shimmer. I am not a huge fan of shimmery lips but this one wasn't so bad. Only if I wore it all day long and reapply constantly it did got a bit rough but I avoided that feeling by using other products. In a nutshell I liked the color, the shimmer wasn't too distracting and the formula was hydrating and glossy just how I like it.

Last lipstick bullet is from Avon Perfect Kiss line (beautiful packaging if you ask me) and the shade is called Kiss me Pink. To me this one looked more coral than pink with the slightest hint of shimmer. I remember really liking the formula but because it is super pigmented I didn't wore it whole lot until I picked it up this year and make a point in using it up. That didn't happened because the formula went bad before I could finish it up. Whenever I put it on I felt sand in my mouth, I could chew it and I might not be the smartest girl around but that is just wrong so I had to toss it. There is another similar color in my collection so I don't feel as bad but I will at least try to properly use that one up.

Huh, I knew whenever there are lip products I can write essays about them and this post could be even longer if I wouldn't restrain myself.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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