14 February 2017



happy Valentine's day if you celebrate it. I got myself some chocolate and I'm snacking on it while typing ;)
I usually post my empties on the 15th but since February is shorter I am posting it today which is the middle of the month anyway.

First bottle is Avon planet SPA Sweet Sensuality Jasmine body mist. I like this scent, it makes me think of Spring because of the flowery note but on the other hand it is nothing too special and it also doesn't last on me. I liked the scent but I won't miss it and I'm happy to use something else (after all I have 32 more bottles of perfume or body sprays to go through).

Next is Avon Advance Technique daily shine mirror shine spray, such a long name but it is oil in a spray bottle. It can make my hair look a bit greasy if I use it too much but I don't notice any drastic change other than oiliness and my hair gets tangled whenever I used it on my ends. I didn't like it but I was determined to use it. My bottle is super old but they still have it in the brochure, I would rather recommend the oils that comes in the glass bottles with the pump. I tried three out of four and they are amazing.

If I skip to the end of the row there is Catrice retouch light reflecting concealer in the shade Ivory. I talked about it last year here and I still agree with that. I liked the slight yellow tone which matched me perfectly and creaminess of the product but it didn't have enough coverage for me and in the name they mention light reflecting pigments which I can't see. The other issue is the brush applicator. I never used it directly on the skin so I didn't contaminate the product and if you don't use it regularly the product stuck on the brush will get thick and it will be hard to apply. If you get something in this type of packaging you really have to commit using it. For me this particular product wasn't worth it and I will not repurchase it.

Next is Avon luminous blush in the shade Russet. This is my first blush and I only wanted to practice with it. I honestly don't think I ever wore it on my face for longer than an hour or that somebody saw me with it. The color is beautiful burnt orange with brick red mixed in it, I'm very attracted to blushes like that (I already have Catrice blush artist palette in Bronzeclat and Benecos blush in Toasted Toffee, I compared the two here and this Avon's Russet blush comes really close). The problem I'm having with it is pigmentation. I'm very fair and this blush is PIGMENTED and therefore hard to blend out, it is pretty obvious that it was meant for deeper skin tones. I'm tossing it away since it is over five years old, I'm never wearing it and I have two other blushes in really similar shades.

The last item is Avon Ultra Color Rich Mega impact lipstick in the color Never so Nude. My mom had this shade and it looked stunning on her so of course I had to get it myself. On me it wasn't so spectacular but it was a nice creamy nude with some reflex which made my lips optically fuller. I liked it a lot but I'm happy that it is gone due to its age.

The first swatch is Russet blush and second is a heavy layer of the Never so Nude lipstick, in real life they weren't so similar. I wore the lipstick a little lighter so it wasn't so obvious but for the purpose of taking photos I layered it up.

So, five more products have meet Mr. Bin and I'm working on some others to finish before the end of this shorter month.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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