24 February 2017

gift from Essence


today I received a very special package. A couple of days ago I was contacted by Slovenian Essence team and they asked if I'm interested in trying some of their new products? Hell yeah, I love their products, usually they are a hit for me (I always do some research before purchasing so maybe that is the reason why I haven't bought any big duds from the line), items are super affordable and in step with trends that I want to try but I don't feel like spending half of my salary for a single blush.

I received four new products and I like the variety of items. I got something for the lips, something to color my cheeks, paint my nails and they covered the eye area with a pencil as well.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw the blushplay palette with a highlighter and two beautiful blushes. They have two color options, I got the Play it Peach but there is also the pink version.

I'm super happy that they send me the peach version because I prefer to wear peachy/coral blushes anyways. 

Next there is the new line of nail polishes, Glow & Care with Kukui oil. I have never heard of Kukui but I did some research and it originates from Polynesia and it is an official tree of Hawaii (whenever I will paint my nails with it I will think of sunny Hawaii and how badly I want to go there). The oil is know for its moisturizing properties, it is supposed to help at healing wounds and protect soft and sensitive baby's skin. I'm intrigued if I will notice any difference on the nails. My beauty is in the Love & Care shade.

This year they renovated the entire lip gloss line and now the packaging is curvier and they offer 13 shades. Shine, shine, shine lip glosses are supposed to be very wet looking and this particular shade, Runway, your way is a bold plum shade. I don't know how often I will wear it but maybe I will be able to make it more sheer. We will see.

Last but not least is the sculpting eye pencil. There are three color options and I got the Black to White version. Black is such a basic color that I will have no issues using it up and the 'white' end isn't really white but rather a cream color which will look great as an inner rim color.

Thank you Essence team for sending me these goodies. I'm sure I will have plenty of fun testing them out and maybe I will find some new favorites and must haves for the upcoming Spring. I will properly test them and then you can expect some more in depth reviews with color swatches.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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