30 March 2017

Project polish


lately I have been occupied with my job and I didn't have enough time to write but I miss it and I have some posts ready to be posted so I hope I will catch up soon. For today I have prepared the nail polish I consider being empty.

It is one of my darlings from Miss Sporty in the shade 425 which was given to me by my mom. She really nailed it. It is dusty dark blue creme but on the nail it translates a bit darker and murkier.

Here I swatched it on the plastic but you can see it here on my nails. It doesn't look like anything special but I really like colors like that, dark but not so dark that they would appear black and blue is dear to my heart. I already miss it but I will try to find something similar in the store since the brand is no longer available in my country.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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