31 December 2020



this will be my last empties post for this year and I tried to squeeze in as many products as possible.

Here is another Himalaya foaming Neem face wash (there is still a little bright green liquid visible but in the evening I will use it all up). This is one of the two of my favorite face washes. It effectively removes my make-up residue and does not strip my skin out. It creates nice foam which feels like a cloud and it is quite inexpensive but I usually just wait for some extra sales and buy two bottles at the time.

I like to use oil first on my face to melt the make-up and then wash it off with a face wash, so this oil form Milnica was a first step. I had this Apricot oil which smelled like roasted Almonds. In general I like Almonds but this was a bit too strong for me and I didn't like it. The oil itself was pretty nice, quite thick and it worked at removing my make-up very well. It did its job nicely but this scent bothered me too much to repurchase it again.

Then I have two Catrice LE fixing sprays which worked exactly the same for me. First is from Active Warrior LE and I loved it so much that this is my third and last bottle of it. I would repurchase it in a heart beat if I could. The other is newer and it is from Sungasm collection and had fake/plastic scent to it. I didn't like it that much but at least it is faint and it goes away pretty fast. I do have one backup left. I love using them on my face especially now when I have to wear a mask so much.

Here is my last batch of lip products for this year. First is L'occitane Shea balm with Apricot. It smelled very nice but it was very thick but at the same time it got absorbed super fast and it left my lips bare and exposed. I didn't like the formula that much so at the end I just used it on any dry patch on my body and didn't only focus on my lips because I wanted it gone.

Next to it is one of my favorites and I'm super sad that they don't make them anymore. It is Nivea Lip Butter, mine is in the Blueberry scent and it had Blueberry yogurt feel. I love this. The scent, the soft texture, the creaminess which stayed on my lips till the next morning and managed to moisturize my lips all night long... why, oh, why did they had to discontinue it. This is marvelous lip balm. 

The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit lip balm is a big fail for me and I won't talk too much about it because my heart still hurts. I bought it a couple of years ago and the other day I wanted to use it for the first time I noticed that it went bad... brand new product that I had around for way too long, shame on me :(

This is one of my favorite lipstick and of course it is already discontinued. It is Essence Sheer & Shine lipstick in the shade BFF. This is a lovely pinky/red shade. It looks very gloss when applied and stayed like that for quite some time, after it dries completely the soft stain remained and it looked more fuchsia than pink on me. Very, very nice. This was my third and also last shade I had, I can only hope that Essence will come back with this lovely formula.

Kneipp Elderberry lip balm was one of those necessities that I always carry in my purse or have at work. It was a nice little balm which kept my lips in check. I like the formula but the scent/taste was when it lost me. Sometimes this gave me mud/dirt vibes and honestly it was quite surprising and unpleasant. Fortunately that only happened occasionally and it disappeared quickly. I might buy another one from this brand but for sure I will pick another flavour. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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