27 December 2020

It's a Snow-Woman's World.


I decided to show you the nail polish that I'm wearing right now. I am slightly obsessed with it, it is such a shame that it was only a limited edition color.

It is Essence TE Crystalliced nail polish in the shade It's a Snow-Woman's World.
It comes in a 8 ml bottle and it is a cream light grey color.

Even though it is pretty old it still applies nicely and dries duper fast (in the morning when I wake up it is perfect, no sheet prints).
I love this light grey, often I wear it on its own but sometimes I pair it with a lavender or a mint shade. I want to finish this bottle up this year and I have been wearing it non stop, hence all the combos.
I have some more light grey polishes in my collection which will replace this one nicely but I think I will still miss it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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