30 December 2020

Project Polish


this is the very last project polish of this month and in total there are 20 bottles that I managed to ether use up or gave away. I did bought a few new ones but compared with the amount of gone nail polishes... nothing so significantly, so my numbers of nail polishes are going down respectively every year.

I finished up two more of these Essence Nail Candies, the first in a more violet tone is called Like Love Birds and lighter pink is Soda Pop & Candy Shop. I like these milky shades which are very forgiving because of their sheer aspect and I feel like I always have to have one close. I still have a couple of them left (I went crazy when they were discontinuing them and bought a whole bunch for me and my mom). I already moved fresh bottles forward and I'm already putting them in a good use so expect some more nail candies next year ;)

Next is Essence Vampire's Love LE in the shade Into the Dark. A beautiful navy with little silver shimmer which isn't very reflective. I really like the base color and the fact that the shimmer isn't so very obvious, this baby will be missed but I do have some more navy blue shades to replace this one.

The last one is another Essence from their Crystalliced collection named It's a Snow-Woman's World. Another favorite of mine. I don't quite know why I love these light grey shades but I do. This is a perfect cream still with perfect formula. Essence nail polishes in general are a hit for me (formula vise) I just have to pick the 'right' shade for me amongst the huge selection that they have, plus they are very affordable to begin with.

I'm still loving this project. Seeing all these bottles being finished up motivates me to go through more and at the same time buy less. I can clearly see how slowly I'm using up the bottles so I don't need so many. My short goal is to just continue next year and a long one is to have around 10 bottles and use all of them evenly. I'm realizing that I don't need all of the colors for my personal use to make me happy. Less is more, that is the approach that I'm going for.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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