17 August 2019

Glitter Choc


this beauty accompany me last week and even though the dark colors are more suited in the cooler months this one made some sense in the Summer. It is dark and neutral to go with everything but still sparkly to get enough attention.

It is Essence the gel nail polish in Glitter Choc. I grabbed it when it was getting discontinued back in January.

It is a dark brown with some purple undertones but it doesn't look purple. The sparkles and more like flakes that shimmer and they reflect blue, purple and silver. The base is warm and the shine is cool toned, interesting combination that I haven't seen in any other nail varnish. 

What is interesting is that on the nails it looks different. The brown base is mistaken for a black and only under direct sunlight you can see the chocolate hue. I'm not bothered by it, actually I think it is cool to have a nail polish which is such a chameleon and change color and shift light in different variations.
In some smaller stores I still spotted some of the 'old' Essence bottles so if I like some of the old colors you might still find them with some effort.

Btw, removing was quite easy. I had to rub a little more because of the sparkle but not as much as if it would be a full sparkler and most importantly my skin around nails didn't got tinted or stained which is much appreciated.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day