31 October 2020



It is the end of the month and it is empties time! It went by so fast and it is kind of hard to realize that there are only two more months to go...

First is Blistex intensive moisturiser lip cream with Cherry scent. It contains 6 ml of products which I think is quite a lot. It really is a cream product and at first leaves a bit of a white residue on my lips but it does sinks in after a couple of minutes (if I applied more that it took longer to absorb). I was using it at home so no one could see the white cast and it was fine. It is moisturizing and I really liked the Cherry scent. This balm was definitely on the upper part of my lip balm list but I still think I won't repurchase it again. There are other balms that I prefer over this baby.

Next is my holy grail Neutrogena oil free daily face moisturizer. I have used up a lot of these tubes and every so often they slightly change the packaging but the product still feels the same. It is a light texture cream which absorbs super fast, it moisturizes my skin instantly but keeps my skin matte. I tell you, this is magic and I already have a new tube.

Another love is this particular Batiste dry shampoo in the Blush option. It smells like Peony and even though I normally don't obsess over this scent I love it in my hair and on the day when I do spray my hair with it I rarely wear perfume because it is so strong and I want to smell it all day long. I will repurchase it but at the moment I'm using different one which is also really nice (it is from a different brand).

I'm quite sad that The Body Shop don't make this Vineyard Peach collection anymore. I used to have a lotion and the scent charmed me so much that I rushed to the store and got myself butter version as well and now even this has come to an end. This had a very authentic Peach scent and it was delicious. I will miss it but I still have more TBS butters that need to be used up.

Essence High Beauty hydrating primer was a gift from Essence PR team. I already talked about it in depth so I will just quickly go through main points. First is the smell, it is very natural and green smelling, not my favorite but after a while it disappears. Then the texture is cream like and slightly yellow but it sinks in very fast and my skin looked pretty matte but when I applied my foundation on top of it it looked more dewy and since I have pretty oily skin this one wasn't my favorite. I used it up on my days off, over face cream to amp up the moisture and using it like that I was able to finish it up pretty fast.

The very last item is this Benecos Natural Kajal in White (to be honest it is more of a off white color-cream if you will). When I bought it I was obsessed with putting it into my lower waterline so I immediately bought myself a backup (there was no need to do that  because it is still available). After using it daily I started to wear it less and less until I completely forgot about it. Only recently I picked it up again and the experience wasn't the best. I put it into my waterline and after a while it started to travel around my eye and my vision blurred a bit, not something I would want so I'm throwing it away and I will start using the 'new' one and if it does the same I'm throwing that one away as well. 

I'm done with products that work only partially for me, I'm not going to push boundaries to make it work. It ether works or I'm letting go of it, life is to short to wear make-up which doesn't makes me happy.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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