30 October 2020

Pink Topaz


I kept myself busy and didn't find enough time or energy to post but hopefully I will slowly get back on track and start to post some more.

These Catrice glosses are some of my favorites and they are called Generation Plump & Shine and this particular shade is named Pink Topaz.

It is a lovely mix of rose with a touch of brown tone and sprinkled with some golden shimmer. At first I was vary of the sparkle but seeing how delicate it looks I don't mind it at all.

These glosses in general aren't super pigmented but gives you a hint of color and I believe that this particular shade is just perfect for me. It gives my lips some flush and the barely there sparkle adds to the shine.

I noticed that the sparkle doesn't really travel around outside of my lips so that is one less worry. I love how glossy and comfortable (non sticky) this formula is.

I believe this is my third shade and since purchasing this one I got another one but I haven't tried that one enough but after I will take it for a good spin I will make sure to post it here.

Thankyou for reading and have a nice day

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