15 October 2020



I have been cleaning and decluttering a bit. I found some old and almost forgotten products and some products just due to their old age have to go and make room for something fresher.

Avon clearskin bubble face cleanser is my second used up bottle. It is okay face wash for me. It comes out as a foam and it spreads evenly over my face (it doesn't just run through my fingers and into the drain) but I have noticed that it didn't fully remove my make-up residue so I was combining it with another one that I much prefer over this one. I'm glad it is gone and I won't repurchase it again.

Next was a gift and it is fragrance from Miller Harris in the scent Rose Silence. It is a very heavy and rich rose scent. I always imagine a posh woman would wear it on a nigh out, on some black tie event. It is feminine but also very powerful and woman who wears it definitely is in charge of business. Even though this bottle was small it took me long time to finish it up and towards the end the scent started to haunt me so I applied only one spray and layer it with other fragrances. For now I'm happy to be finished with it but if I will even start to miss it I can still get another bottle.

Last item is once beloved L'oreal Infallible 24h-matte foundation in Vanilla shade (now I switched to the Catrice foundation). This one is a bit dry and requires quick application otherwise it looks cakey, the shade was still a bit too dark on me so I had to mix it with lightening drops and after a couple of hours of wearing it it looked a bit worn off so when I switched to the Catrice I was much happier. This tube was left from its glory days and I'm super happy to be finished with it.

Last we have Nivea original lip butter. These were really good and I'm very sad that they discontinued them. First I had the Coconut one which is still my favorite (it felt more moisturizing) but this one isn't far behind. It has lovely creamy texture (even though it is called lip butter it is not buttery or hard) and I loved applying it on at night because it would leave a white layer but when I go to bed I really don't care as long as a wake up with nourished lips. I still have two more left in different scents and then I'm all out. I hope they will come out with something similar soon.

Next there are two eye shadow products and these two are the oldest in my collection. 

First swatch is Essence Barefoot through the moss (I purchased it in 2011) and it is slightly green toned gold. I remember loving this shade and use it daily but when my love progressed I started to use other shades and gold isn't even in my top five anymore. I sill like it but have a couple of other gold shades that I prefer and I think it is time to retire this baby.

Next is another Essence All about Chocolates (I bough this one in 2015) and I actually love all six shades but I already have very similar shades to all of them and aren't so very old. They are still very soft just the darker four occasionally get hard pan because I apply them with my fingers so I don't loose all the lovely shimmer (I blend the edges with a brush, don't worry). This one is a little harder to departure but the lid is broken and doesn't stick with the pan anymore and that was the last straw. I'm throwing it away but if it would still be available and I wouldn't have so many eye shadows I would repurchase it again in a heartbeat.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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