15 October 2019



I'm speeding through my products and trying my best not to buy more if I already have products of the same kind (I'm doing pretty well but there will be some upcoming sales that will be really hard for me to keep out). I will try my best.

Another bottle of this Alkmene tea tree face wash is gone. I like the products but not the slightly flimsy packaging. At the moment I'm using my other favorite (Himalaya neem foaming face wash) and after I'm done with that I'm going back to this one. I like to interchange them for a bit of variety.

Weleda Rose lip balm is a balm I purchased last year and I started to use it just recently. I had issues with separation. Usually the oil would come out and only then the pigment (is it old or just separated?), I tried to mix it by placing it in different positions and squeezing it around the tube but nothing helped. The scant was also a bit off, I have noticed in some other natural brands that their lip products also had similar scent (a bit of rose and rubber, at least that is how it smelled to my nose). The color is a soft rose/nude and a tad too light for me. Nothing about this balm excited  me so I decided to throw it away even though I haven't use it up.

Next to it is Catrice volumizing Beauty-full lips lip balm which is another one I haven't had much luck with. There are different versions/colors out there but I picked up the original one. It is a bit too light for me but if I'm careful and apply little it is okay. It is slightly cooling and minty (I haven't noticed any volumizing properties) but it fades away way too quickly. It is also not very moisturizing and my lips were soon dry and patchy. This is another lip balm that I haven't used up but I rather gave up on it completely. There are plenty of good lip balms that will nourish my dry lips.

Catrice Ultimate shine gel color in Don't pink and drive lipstick is super old but I have been holding on to it because of its amazing formula. I tried to use it up but I had no luck. This shade is bright pink and even though this line of lipsticks was creamier and glossier it still had plenty of pigment and it was harder to wear. It lasted for around three hours with minimal fading but on most days I just didn't feel like wearing hot pink so it was left in the dark. Now I finally pulled it out when I noticed little black dots all over the stick... I'm parting with it.

Second to last is Catrice instant blurring stick from Active warrior collection and it was a convenient little primer. Waxy and full of silicone to seal my pores, it actually worked with my skin nicely but since it was so small it didn't took me too long to go through it. I have something similar from Deborah in a tube and that is what I have been using and it works nicely.

The very last item is another Catrice product (I'm really on a roll) and it is all matt Transparent shine control face powder (my third I think). No need for long discussion here. It was a nice powder that kept me matte and looked nice when I reapplied once or twice through the day. It is still my favorite even though I'm testing out the Rimmel one.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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