16 October 2019

Perfect Plan


with the most recent Essence change I received this lovely new lipstick. I had high hopes for it but let see if my wishes were heard...

It is Essence perfect shine lipstick with the name Perfect Plan. It is housed in a lovely pink metallic packaging.

Perfect Plan shade is brown with rose hue. I personally don't love brown on my lips but thankfully this one is pink enough to stay away from that uncomfortable brown tone, at least for me.

Here is a not so good swatch but it represents the tone well even though it is a bit deeper.

This is fresh on my lips (yep, my lips were dry and chapped which I noticed after I took the photos). It is very pigmented (two coats will do) and very creamy. The shine is there but honestly I expected them to be more sheer and glossier, still I gave it a fair share.

After two hours this is how it looked on my lips. My lips were less dry (I didn't use any lip balm in the mean time) and I did drink a bit but there is no visible line or unevenness. It faded away pretty nicely and after that photo I applied one layer and I was good to go. After reapplying the shine was a bit less seen as the pigment started to build up and it looked a bit more matte than the fresh layer.

Even though this lipstick didn't turn out the way I expected I wasn't disappointed. The wear time is very good even with drinking involved but more so, I like how even it wears off. The shade is nice but not completely in my comfort zone. I will check shades Perfect Day (coral) and Perfect Romance (red nuance). I also like to wear it more like a stain, dab on the lips and slightly pat with my fingertip to remove the excess and press it into the lips so it stays put for longer. Very nice formula indeed, I hope that they will come out with some pink shades in the next turnover, I'm really cheering for it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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