13 October 2019

Miracle Stone


I still have some nail polishes that I haven't tried out yet and my goal for this year is to at least use all of them at least once.

Essence the gel nail polish in Miracle Stone. This was another snatch right before they discontinued this line and replace it with different bottle design. 

It is supposed to be matte but I would say it is semi matte. I love the little sparkle and when I add the shiny top coat is shines even more.

The sparkles aren't really white or silver but duochrome pink and gold. It is unusual but lovely at the same time. I really enjoyed wearing it and I can't wait for the next time to put it on. With the amount of the bottles that I have it will take a while  ;)
Removing it was easy and I haven't experience any chips. Essence can really make good nail polishes for really cheap.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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