28 February 2021



another empties post in a row. This has become the easiest post to write but also I had nothing new to talk about. That changed yesterday because I went shopping and bought a few new make-up bits. I wanted to get new face primer and along the way I got some more products...

Biobaza Bee Balm and I have two versions of them. Yellow is Ginger & Honey and purple one is Lavender & Vanilla. In my initial review I said that they are on the top three list of my favorite lip balms formula but now I seem like I changed my mind. I wore them in the cold weather and that is when I had some issues. It seem like this formula doesn't like cold weather because it gets all gunky, hard and sticky at he same time while on the lips, outside or indoors if it is too cold. That product buildup is not looking nice and it also feels 'uncomfortable'. If I ever repurchase these I will make sure to use them while it is warm but at the end I don't think I will. There are so many brands out there that I would like to try out...

Next is this lovely dry shampoo from Langhaar M├Ądchen which is already a repurchase. Affordable price with a lovely scent, somehow floral with a touch of power, barely any white residue and matte finish. This is neck to neck with the Batiste and I will buy more from both brands, I just wish LM would have more scents but this one that they have is amazing already, so...

Last are two face powders, one is my old time favorite and the other one I just finished up so I can throw it away. One of my favorites is Rimmel London Stay Matte face powder in Transparent. I went through a couple of them and I still have backups. I love how matte my face looks like and it holds my oils at bay for a few hours and then I just retouch and continue with my day.
The other one is Benecos Natural compact powder in the shade Porcelain. When I bough it it was the lightest shade available (maybe now they have shades for paler people but I haven't checked them out in a while). It was too dark for me but I would use it on my neck to help it match (my neck seems to appear lighter than my face so I use a tad lighter foundation on my face and a tad darker one on my neck and at the end my face and neck don't look like they belong to two different people ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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