13 February 2018

Winter Dreamin'


a while ago Essence surprised me with this little gem. How did they know that my heart skipped a beat when I saw it?

It is from their Winter Dreamin' collection and it is a 2 in 1 highlighter and blush duo in the shade December to remember.
Blush is hiding underneath but don't worry I took some photos of it. 

On top is a highlighter that on the first glance looks like a blush, judging by the color but on the skin the base color don't show up that much.

Lovely peach shade shows a lot of sparkle which creates beautiful shimmery glow on the skin.

The blush underneath is more of a red toned shade and almost matte, in the pan you can see some random sparkle but I would classify it as a matte one.

It is a shade that I'm very attracted to it but rarely wear it. I think this type of blush looks really nice with my pale complexion and it is especially appropriate in the winter because I get that flushed look like I just got from the cold.

First swatch shows you the beauty of the highlighter and you can only get a hint of peachy base.
I can wear it alone on my cheeks and it doesn't look out of place because the peach tone isn't really visible but it does adds some warmth to the otherwise almost white sheen.

Here you might see the reflex better and it does look stunning on the cheeks. I love to wear it alone or with other blushes, I think it matches with everything.

The blush is on the matte side and it compliments the highlighter well. I also love the color that they choose since I have a 'thing' for such blushes even though I compared some and figured out that this is more red toned than anything in my extensive collection (at the moment I own 30 blushes).
I only have one warning about the blush and that is also the reason why I don't wear it whole lot, it is because it is very pigmented and therefore harder to work with. I prefer shades that are buildable but for this beauty I can make it work and I go pass that.

Thank you Essence for making and sending me this lovely product.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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