26 February 2018

Peach-Party! and Dare to go Nude


I just decided to continue with Essence products that are leaving us so I won't have a guilty conscience because I already purchase some new products from the brand.

I already have a couple of Essence must haves and so I knew that they are definitely worth purchasing at the full price (around 1.30 €) but I got these two for just 0,99 € per item.

First is eye shadow in Peach-Party! and second is lip powder in Dare to go Nude. I tried one of their lip powders and I don't like the feel of powder on my lips so I'm using it as an eye shadow and it works great.

Shades are quite similar to each other but the finish is different. Peach-Party! has a lot of shimmer and it is great for the lid because it makes my look shinier and more fun.
The Dare to go Nude shade is almost matte, if you look closer you can definitely see some shimmer but it is not as loud as the first color. I like to place it all over the lid and blend it up in my crease. There is no surprise if I tell you that I wear them together and it is such a simple look but I'm loving it so very much.

Here you might see the glow on Peach-Party! a little better. It won me over when I was still in the store so I bought one for my sister and she reported back to me that she is also in love with that sparkly little number.

They might look small and cheap but the price is super low and I would highly suggest everyone to give them a go. I swear you won't be disappointed.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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