08 February 2018

Catrice single eye shadows


back in November I purchased four 'new' Catrice single shadows. I think they reformulated them in September but there aren't a whole lot of swatches or reviews available so I just tried them in the store and four shades convinced me to take them home with me.

They are easy to pop out of their clear sleeves and you can separately purchase a four pan palette to put them in. I wasn't to keen on it, the only good thing about it is mirror but that wasn't big enough reason to buy it.
I actually really like single shadows because I can some up with endless combinations unlike with palettes. I feel pressure to only use colors available within the same palette and that limits me more than I want.

If I start with the first on the left (the bronzier) is Mademoiselle Chic, then on top is Like and Subscribe (in the process of discontinuing), my favorite Chocolate Cake by the Ocean and on the bottom there is the one that is a part of highlighting range (three highlighting shades available, you can use them on cheeks for some glow or on the eyes) and is named Metallic Lights.

Mademoiselle Chic single eye shadow is very bronze and warm with a lot of orange in it and it makes my blue/grey eyes appear more blue that any other. I like how it looks in the pan but it is very strong and against my pale complexion it looks too strong for my taste. I prefer eye shadows that are closer to my skin color and don't stand out that much. Some people like bold and pigmented shadows, I prefer lighter and shimmery ones. I was honest with myself and realized that I won't use it that much so I gave it to my sister and I hope she will get more use out of it.

The Like and Subscribe shade is in the process of being discontinued but I grabbed it before it was announced. It is light grey with a pink shift but on the photos you really can't see it. For a couple of years now I prefered my shadows to be warm gold or brown but last year I started to slowly transition into cooler browns, taupes and grey shades. I blame Essence & the lovely little things palette for that change, however this one is a nice addition to my collection as I reach often for it. Sometimes I put it all over my lid and it is a great stand alone shade or I just lightly dab it in the center of my lid over some matte grey.

Chocolate Cake by the Ocean is the only color I wanted to pick up (the rest were more or less impulse purchases). It has this beautiful intense finish, on the skin it looks like it is a cream product and shines without too much sparkle (the M. Chic shade has very similar finish and feel) but what really got me was the neutral brown shade. It might look like something basic but I always love how my eye look turn out whenever I use it.

The only Highlighting shade that I have is named Metallic Lights and it is a pinky toned cream with some serious shine. I have tried it as a cheek highlighter but for my taste it looks just a bit too shimmery, I prefer more of a glow were you don't see the individual particles but on the eyes it is a stunner and my cup of tea shade. I mostly use it in my inner corners and the brightening effect is real even though I'm pretty pale this shows up and makes a stand. If I use it in such a small area then the pink tone isn't too obvious but if I dab it in the center of the lid over some other color then a little pink sheen can be caught.

Here they are swatched in the same order as before Mademoiselle Chic, Like and Subscribe, Chocolate Cake by the Ocean and Metallic Lights.

All four are super creamy to the touch and have zero powder kick off. They apply very smooth and are pigmented. My favorite way to apply them is with my fingers just because they feel so good.
I'm surprised that I like two shades that shifts pink (not whole lot, on the pictures you can't even see it but in real life Like and Subscribe has noticeable pink shift) because I was always against pink on my eyes, I still don't wear proper pinks and I don't think that will change anytime soon but my make-up is evolving and I'm trying new stuff.

I would highly suggest anyone to try them out the next time you are in the store with Catrice products. They have a lot of colors to choose from and they added some more (I'm already eyeing one or two shades).

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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