15 January 2022



I finished plenty of items just before 2021 ended so there is no surprise that this time around I don't have that many... 

First top product is my beloved Alverde Rose face oil. I love the packaging with a precise pipette and product works for me. I still notice after using this oil for a couple of days in a row my skin is less red and more even in tone. I already have a new bottle ready to use up.

Big pot is The Body Shop Mediteranean Almond Milk with Oats, Instant Soothing Face Mask. This smells great, that is the best feature for me. The formula was a bit thick and oat particles were still visible. Honestly I didn't see much of a difference after using it. My skin definitely didn't hate it but also there wasn't any magical result visible. I won't repurchase this mask but maybe I will try some other mask from the brand.

Next is another The Body Shop item and it is their Almond Milk & Honey Soothing & Restoring body lotion for sensitive skin. This smells similar to the mask but even better. This helped me sleep like a baby at night. It is just such a comforting scent and I will definitely repurchase it again but at the moment I'm on a no buy for lotions because I have way too many.

The very last product is Dusch das Magnolia body wash. I stopped counting how many of these I finished already. The brand makes very inexpensive body washes and this scent is lovely. I always grab one of these at the store, I just can't resist. At the moment I don't think I have a back up but since I have plenty of different ones I'm not stressed but after I finish some more I'm getting this one again.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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