22 February 2018

Vitamin lips


lip products are some of my favorite and definitely hard to resist. I had my eyes on these probably ever since they came out. I love gloss and the fact that they promoted them as treatments made me want them even more.

So, Catrice made these Vitamin lip treatments in four different shades but I picked up 'only' three. The second shade looked very pastel peach and I had a feeling that it will be too pale for me and so I passed it.

First is Innocent Rose and has a barely there pink hue even though here it looks a bit more peachy.
Second swatch is Bohemian Raspberry, a bright pink that ads some fresh fuchsia touch to my lips.
Born to be Wildberry is represented on the last swatch and it looks red-ish/berry and that one is my favourite since it is close to my natural lip color it just makes it a bit brighter and more even in terms of tone.

They all smell delicious, like honey dew and it is a nice transition from your typical caramel/toffee scent. They are very glossy and shiny without any shimmer which is another thing that I like, the longevity is about average, 1,5 h after that the reapplication is needed but I'm not mad about that.
They promote them to be kind of good for your lips, all that 80% vitamin formula (it contains Q10, Vitamin C and more that 80% of Vitamin E), I thought that they will be little miracles (they only hold 3,5 ml of product) but I was wrong. After a couple of hours of wearing them my lips got dry and chapped even with regular reapplication. I think they look nice but they are not the most nourishing or the best glosses/treatments on the market. I like their lip oils much better and I hope they will bring them back.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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