05 February 2018

Space Queen


Catrice is getting discontinued a lot of products lately and one of them is this baby. I already have one shade so on a whim I decided to take it with me to keep him company.

It is Strobe to Glow highlighter stick in the shade Space Queen Silver Rose. Normally I'm not to into pink cheeks but this one didn't look so very pink but the glow was what convinced me.

It looks so shiny before you use it so I almost didn't but make-up is meant to be used so I dipped my fingers in there and it is beautiful.

I made a heavy swatch to show you that it isn't very pink, more cool toned almost silver and then to the right I tried to blend just how I wear it on my cheeks and it looks even less pink.

The glow you get is amazing, you can go very light or you can pack it on and it will be seen from across the room. If that isn't enough you can even layer it with powder highlighter to get that over the top glow. I'm more into natural looking sheen so one light layer is enough for me. I have been using it non stop ever since I purchase it and the  color goes with pretty much all of my make up looks that I have done recently.

I received some more highlighters to test out so I will have to put it down and try something new but I don't know if I will love them as much as I like this one. I realized that I don't wear a lot of my cream cheek products, they look gorgeous but in the mornings when I'm doing my make-up I rather reach for my powder products this highlighter is an exception. It is so easy to put on and blend, it never looks weird and it is quick. At the moment this really is my favorite highlighter in my collection.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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