25 June 2017

thank you Cosnova team


I was so excited when I picked up this package that I ripped it open in the parking lot outside the post office. Cosnova team reached out to me and asked if I would like to try some of their products from the upcoming limited editions and even though I didn't know what I'm gonna get I said yes. I guess it is similar with the subscription boxes. You wait impatiently for that box to come and you don't know what you're getting until you open it up.

I think that the first attention goes to the compact from Catrice Travelight Story. Deep down in my heart I was hoping for the blush part to be bright and the bronzer to be very orange, then I wouldn't feel tempted to get it but now that I am actually seeing the product with my own eyes and owning it I can relive. The blush part does look bright but wearable and the bottom part looks like a lovely neutral shade which will probably suit me well. Fun fact, if you flip it at the back there is no stickers but the surface is mirrored and you can actually use it while on the go, talk about convenience.

Under it is a Catrice lipstick from the same Travelight Story collection in Chilly Orange shade. It is supposed to be matte and cooling at the same time. I like the minty-cooling sensation but I'm not so sure about the matte effect and bright orange color. That is the beauty of getting products from people who don't know me, so I get to test items I wouldn't pick myself and through that I can discover new favorites.

There are two items from Essence Hip Girls wear Blue Jeans collection. One is a face brush with super soft bristles. For a face brush it seem a bit small (I personally like big brushes so I can powder my face in two swipes) but I think it will be nice as a cheek brush. I can't say anything else about it because I haven't used it jet, in fact I just washed it and it is drying on the towel while I'm writing this so I can start using it tomorrow.

The other product is a illuminating face cream gel which can be worn alone (if your skin is perfect then I envy you so much) or under make up. I have oily skin especially now in the Summer so I don't know if this will be the product for me but I can use it as a liquid highlighter on my cheekbones or on my arms for some extra glow. I like that it comes with a pump but for more information you will have to wait for a couple of days for me to try it.

The last item is from Catrice Nail Paint To go limited edition which will be available in July and it consist of six nail polishes in a pen format. How cool is that ? Just the other day I had a discussion with my sister why this isn't a standard nail polish packaging? It looks like it would work and be very handy, right? We will see, I will repaint my nails tomorrow and I will report back. I got the shade Tomato Red Rush which looks like classic bright red.

Thank you again Cosnova team for spoiling me with these products.
BTW, on the Catrice official page they already posted novelties for Autumn/Winter, interested? Click away.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

24 June 2017

Avon goodies


Avon is one of my favorite brands to shop. Some people don't like the whole catalouge shopping but I find it very calming and fun. There is no traffic, no rude people showing you in the ribs or stealing 'your' parking lot... I can just relax in my living room while browsing through colorful pages and if I'm interested in something particular I will google it and found out more about it.
This time I picked some already discontinued products but they are still available for grabs if somebody is interested...

I still don't own a bath but occasionally I will treat myself with one of their bubble baths simply because I love the scent. This one is Pomegranate and Peony and I love both scents individually but together they make perfect harmony. I will most likely pour it into my hand soap dispenser and use it as a hand wash.

Second big bottle is new limited edition scent from the senses line and it is called Brazil waterfall with lemon, blackcurrant and ginger. I only took a whiff from the bottle and it smalls so refreshing with a dab of lemon juice squeezed in there. I can already say that I will be buying a backup before it is gone for good.

Next to it is a line of lipsticks that silently got discontinued (you can still get a hold of most of the colors just ask your Avon rep). They are Ultra Color Absolute lipsticks, I absolutely love the lip glosses from this line but the lipsticks are just okay for me. I have one shade already but I wanted this particular one mostly because it was often featured on models and it looked like a perfect coral for me. It is named Creamy Melon but the shade didn't wowed me. I will prepare different post with close up photos soon.

In front of the bubble bath is the tiniest little make-up sponge. I was expecting to get a 'normal' sized one and really wasn't prepared to see this baby. I guess I can use it under my eyes to properly blend out my concealer. We will see how that will go.

In the middle is a lovely nail polish topper which I had my eyes locked ever since it came out. It is Lovely Lace and you get a bunch of cream and white non shiny glitters dispensed in a clear base. I will most probably wear it over pastel colors for a delicate flare.

I caved in and bought another Always on Point pencil from the molten collection. I already have the Molten Pewter but this one is rose toned and called Molten Rose. I thought that it will pair well with brown and warmer toned eye shadows better than the green one. The formula is so smooth and buttery that I just had to get it.

The last item is an eye shadow brush. In the brochure they suggest you to use it as a blending brush and I think the size is really lovely for that but I'm often too lazy to do more than one color all over the lid and I think this will be good for that as well. I will give it a go and report back.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 June 2017



Summer is in full mode and I enjoy warm weather but prefer to stay in the shadow with a cool drink in my hand. I'm someone who is always carrying sun cream around and asking people if they need some. I'm scared of the Sun and also I love the sun cream scent. I'm trying to find my last years discovery cream but I'm scared that they discontinued it so I'm on a hunt for something similar or even better. In the mean time I'm indulging myself with fruity scents and rich formulas to moisturize my skin during these hot times.

Afrodita Strawberry body mousse with Cocoa butter and vitamin E. The texture is really fluffy and light with red beads which dissolve when you massage them into your body. At first it does have Strawberry scent but it quickly turns into something sweet and I can't put my finger on it, probably because it is fake. It is not bad by any means it just smells sweet but the the kind of scent they come up with in a lab. I personally didn't mind it, I liked it and it moisturized my skin pretty well but there are tons of other lotions I want to try so probably I won't repurchase this one again.

I love this Avon Advance Technique dry shampoo. It smells so nice and whenever I use it I skip perfume altogether because it is strong enough to carry me through the day. It is clear so it will work for all hair colors but you have to use a bit more in order to get that 'fresh' looking hair but I don't mind it because it doesn't make them sticky. This is almost perfect for me, I wish I wouldn't go through so fast but I'm repurchasing it soon.

Omnia Botanica Argan oil in a bottle with a convenient pipette for a precise dosage. This bottle took me quite some time to go through it simply because I think that Argan oil doesn't do all those magical things. For my oily skin this is just okay, nothing special but my sister who has drier skin loves it, so I should invest more into oils meant for oilier skin and in the future I won't spent money on Morrocan oils again.

Avon Senses Delightful Orchard body wash with Raspberry, Apple and Cassis. In the bottle this smells just like the top notes mentioned in a sentence before and when I used it at my parents house it was great which is the reason I bought another bottle for myself but I was left disappointed. I don't know if I got a weird one or that happened because I was using it everyday but after one minute it started to smell a little plasticky, nothing too bad but just enough to annoy me and make me use a little bigger scoops so I would finish it sooner.

And the last item is Avon True Supreme Length Nourishing mascara about which I talked in my previous post right here. I still really like it and I have been using it for short three months (I usually use my mascaras for longer because after a month or two they get just the right consistency and it feels like such a shame to toss a product in its prime). The only reason I'm departing with it is because this morning I applied it on one eye and then I was rearranging my hand I dropped it with a brush flat down on the ground. Blackish smears all over my wooden floor and I just couldn't bring myself to pick it up and apply mascara on my other set of lashes like nothing happened. I freaked out not because of black smears on my floor but because one eye looked all gorgeous and other looked like I have no lashes at all. Thankfully I remembered that I bought two of the same mascaras and I just had to find the other one, five minutes latter I did but eyes still didn't looked the same (it was in the same brown/black color) it was 'different' formula. The lashes with the 'new' mascara on didn't looked so voluminous and long and the curl dropped a bit after a couple of hours. No one said anything but I could notice it in the mirror and I can only hope it will never happen again. So take this lesson from me and next time get a firm grip on your mascaras.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

14 June 2017

Avon True Supreme Length Nourishing mascara


today I wanted to talk about Avon mascara and as far as I know this is their latest one. It took me awhile to test it out but that happens with all of them. At first they are all a bit too wet and I don't get noticeable results. I like big lashes, something that demands attention without looking 'fake' and I get that after a month or so of using it (the formula has to dry a bit).

It is Avon True Supreme Length Nourishing mascara and mine in particularly is in the brown/black shade (I always get it it this color option because it is dark but not too dark because I think that pitch black can look a bit too much on my face).
This mascara is easy to find, just go after the coppery lid and you can't miss it.

I'm a fan of rubbery wands and this one has it. The spikes are even all over the brush but are quite small. At first I was hesitant but it grew on me. After a month of using it I began to really like it. It separated my lashes and make them look longer but it doesn't contain any fibers. I was really impressed because it made me look like I have more lashes that I actually have without looking too fake. This line is enriched with Argan oil which is supposed to help moisturize your lashes and prevent them from falling out. I haven't noticed any lashes on my cheeks (I'm using it roughly for three months now) and my lashes do look fuller and longer but I'm also using Great Burdock oil on them so it could just be that. 

All in all this mascara promises to nourish you lashes and it is up to you to try it out and see if it works, I can say that it didn't make them fall out and that is good enough for me. The look I got when I used it was natural but better (longer and thicker) and that is what I'm going for. I give this mascara five stars and it is on my list to repurchase it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

02 June 2017

Play it Peach


this post is long overdue but in my defense I can say that I really got a chance to test it out. Essence team kindly sent me this palette a while ago and I would like to thank them again for doing that. I think I would go out and buy it on my own so getting it as a gift made it even more exciting.

It is Essence Blushplay sculpting blush palette in the shade Play it Peach (there is also the pink version available in Play it Pink).

It has a nice clear top so you can see everything and white packaging which looks nice but the powders can be a bit powdery so the packaging gets 'dirty' easily and if you like to keep your make-up clean you will want to keep a wet tissue near.

First pan holds beautiful highlighter shade, it looks like it would be peachy toned and on the swatch it shows just like that but when I apply it on my face it has a very strong pink undertone. I don't mind it because I don't have pink highlighter jet and this one fills the gap in my collection nicely but I don't like to wear it in combination with the two blushes in this palette.

Middle color is matte and the pan is smaller. I kind of like that because I know I won't use this shade as much as the other two but if you like to use big and fluffy brushes than it could be a problem because you might won't be able to fit the whole brush into this small pan but the color is really beautiful and if you are fair and like the Snow White cheeks this could be something for you. If I wear this blush I wear very minimal eye make up and let this color be the center of the attention but I make sure I blend it well because clown cheeks aren't what I'm going for.

The last color is my favorite and it already has a visible dent in it (I took photos before swatching it obviously so you can see just how much I used it up).  It has this fresh peach undertone with golden sheen through it that makes my skin look like it is glowing and I like that.

Here they are, I swatched them in the same order and I can't wrap my head around the fact how peachy the highlighter shade looks on my hand. On my face it looks completely different and I just couldn't capture it on the camera. I only heard one other girl on the web mentioned that it looks pink on her so maybe it depends from your undertone?

Here you can see the lovely glow, just imagine it to be pink on the cheeks ;) I find it to be very pigmented and I only need a little bit but then again I don't like too much glow since my skin is already oily.

The middle color looks great, it is matte but usually I would put some highlighter over it because matte cheeks just aren't my thing but the color is unique in my collection and I like to wear it especially on more casual days paired with mascara and glossy lips.

Lat color in the row has it all for me, the gorgeous color which makes me look healthier and fresher and the glow is fantastic. I always end up loving my make-up when I wear this color and it is not a surprise that there is a visible dent in this last pan.

I think this palette has nice colors individually (like I mentioned I don't wear this particular highlighter with these two blushes because of the mismatched color but I don't take it too hard because it is the only pink toned highlighter that I own). When you dip your brush in it it can kick a bit of powder but one the face it doesn't look powdery or chalky, it is smooth and easy to blend even though I would warn you that the shades are pigmented and it is better to start light.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

31 May 2017



this month ended in a snap so as it seems, right? Am I the only one?
I have used up an array of different products and I have to admit that most of them didn't convinced me to repurchase them again, I say most not all.

I will start with Avon Anew clinical advanced resurfacing peel with 10% glycolic acid. Inside you get 30 soaked pads (I suggest storing them upside down or occasionally flipping them). I used them on clean face in the evening and often I experienced light tingling which resulted in red skin (I have very sensitive skin and pretty much everything makes it flip) but that is the reason I used it only at night so my skin got some rest over night. I should use it ever third or fourth day but I didn't, I was too lazy and therefore I didn't see strong results. I thought that they aren't worth it, I'm not blaming the product but my lack of using it but a couple of campaigns back they were so inexpensive that I bought another box and now I promised to myself that I will use them regularly and see if they are really worth it.  

The lipstick on top of it is my oldest one and it is Avon Color Trend in the shade Vino Disco. The shade is gorgeous, deep wine with some light in it (it is really hard to describe, you should see it in person). I decided that I will toss it at the end of May since it is so old that I'm scared to use it but it remains one of my favorites (If it would still be available I would get it in a heartbeat).

On the first swatch there is just one swipe so you can see the crazy pigmentation and beautiful color but I wore it as a stain, softly blended out which is shown on the second swatch. Worn like that it easily survived a meal or coffee run. To me this formula was perfection and I can only hope that Avon will once bring it back.

Avon naturals body lotion with Cherry Blossom was nice. To me it smelled more like gummy Bears than cherries or cherry blossom but I was okay with it. I liked the light texture which absorbs fast and makes my evening ritual shorter. I like this line of moisturizers but there are so many different scents that I want to try that I most probably won't repurchase this particular one again.

A'pieu nonco tea tree emulsion was a nice addition to my evening skin care routine. I used it all over my freshly washed face and then topped it off with some kind of oil, if my skin felt dry I used some night cream on top of it as this alone wasn't moisturizing enough (emulsions aren't even meant to be used alone). Under the line I liked it but I don't think it was anything special so probably I won't repurchase it.

Let's jump onto the hair care with Avon Advance Technique Instant Repair 7 conditioner. Last month I used up the shampoo and I wasn't impressed and I said that the conditioner is better, especially for dry hair. Now I have been using it in combination with different shampoo and I haven't noticed any big difference and that makes me think that the shampoo from this line really isn't something I would promote but the conditioner is nice but probably I won't buy it again (there are way too many hair treatments that I want to try in the near future).

Second to last is Alverde night cream with chamomile and hamamelis designed for sensitive skin. I can't remember when exactly I bought it but it has to be more than a year ago. I had way too many night creams and this one was just waiting to get its turn and after I opened it I noticed weird scent but after a couple of minutes it settles and I can definitely detect both herbs mentioned in the name. The texture also doesn't feel right, it is a bit grainy and it makes me think that it went bad so I'm too scared to use it anywhere on my body so I'm tossing it. Will I buy it again? Nope, and I am on a face cream ban until I finish all of them up.

The last item is the cutest, it is Tony Moly Petite Bunny gloss bar in the shade Juicy Peach, I made a whole post about it here. It is cute little pencil styled lip balm that smells like an undefined fruit and it is pink tinted. The moisturizing properties are poor and therefore I won't be spending my money on it again but the packaging is really cute.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

29 May 2017

Project polish


this time I didn't used up any nail polishes but I decided to dump two super old bottles. I used to wear these two a lot but not recently. I tried them but I didn't like them so I think it is time for them to go plus the scent is very toxic.

The first on the top is Avon Rose Amour and I used more than half of it. I remember rocking this color in the junior year at college and loving it but now my taste changed and I put this color in the back and almost forgot about it.

Second one is called Sateen and it is a bit bronzier than on the photo but otherwise the color is hard to describe. It has strong bronze tone but leans into the rose gold teritory, the shade isn't too shabby but the brush strokes drives me crazy and I decided to just ditch it. There are a lot more of beautiful colors that I enjoy wearing and both of these aren't worth it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

28 May 2017

Two shopping days


I think in one of my more recent posts I said that I will try not to pile make-up and I will rather try to use up what I already have. That is all good but from time to time I have to treat myself with some colorful bits and since my habit isn't expensive I don't feel too guilty.

I visited two different shops and bought some necessities and some extras as well.

On top there is 'new' Essence ultra last lip liner in the  Rosewood High shade. They promise smooth application and waterproof formula, my only hope is that it will survived one meal and I will be happy with it.

Then we have tried and trusted Alverde Rose oil about which I talked here. I haven't had it for almost one year and when I saw it on the shelf I quickly snatch it because I genuinely miss it. The only difference I can spot is that new bottle doesn't come with the plastic see through lid on top of a dropper.

I am a big fan of Catrice camouflage cream in a pot but I also wanted to try the liquid version in the 'bottle' ever since it came out. I finally decided to take a plunge and I picked the lighter version which is 005 Light Natural. On the first glance it looks very light, maybe even lighter than my overall skin, maybe I will learn how to highlight with a concealer next.

Onto the colorful item, it is my first Lavera item and it is So fresh mineral rouge powder in Charming Rose. This color looked so fresh and welcoming that I just couldn't resist. I'm a sucker for this type of bright coral shades.

The last product has the most fun looking packaging and I wanted this shadow ever since I swatched it in the store and then sadly realized that there is only sample left. One week and a half later I tracked it down in different store and I picked it up without any hesitation. The swatch felt buttery soft and super pigmented, the color itself is very neutral looking matte brown,perfect for my crease. It is Essence Live, laugh, celebrate LE eye shadow in the very popular shade T.G.I.F.

I'm excited to use the oil again and for the make-up? I think I'm equally enthusiastic about all of the items.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

23 May 2017

Little Miss Sunshine


Essence team kindly send me this fun looking lipstick among other products and it was the first one I tried.

Essence released under Next stop: Summer TE two lipsticks and for today I picked the purple/pink version called Little Miss Sunshine.

It looks a bit scary if you normally only wear neutral and softer colors but I already knew that it was color changing lipstick and I was very intrigued at how it will turn on my lips (it reacts with the warmth of your skin). It has a nice light fruity scent and the lipstick itself is very creamy and easy to get on the lips but after 15-20 minutes it kind of dries and I can't feel it anymore. It leaves a stain and if you are careful it can last on you for a couple of hours (after eating I had to reapply to keep the color even but it also intensify the color with every layer).

On me it turned into a hot fuchsia pink and while I think it looks good against my complexion I'm not feeling it at the moment so I passed it to my mom who loves colors like that. She loves Essence lipsticks (her favorite is within Sheer & Shine line) and I had a strong feeling that she will like this one as well and she does. Just yesterday she called me and told me that she loves the bright pink color and the fact that it stains impressed her as well because she can't reapply lipstick at work.
I think this is a nice lipstick if you are looking for a bright color and if you appreciate a good stain, on the other hand it is not very moisturizing (because it dries into a stain) so you might wan't to keep it with you while on the go or you can apply clear balm on top of it every so often.

Thank you Essence team for letting me try it and I can say thank you in my mom's name as well since she will use it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

20 May 2017



lately I have been all about finding the perfect primer for my oily skin. I need something really mattifying and silicone-y. Some look nice and promising after I apply them because they fill in my pores and give my skin that smooth texture without excessive shine but I have realized that after a couple of hours most products surrender. I remember Avon had this product when I was in high school and I would buy little sample tubes and use without any make-up on top (my skin was great back then, just oily) so I decided to test it out again but this time with make-up on top.

 Avon mark magix face primer comes in a handy 30 ml tube which is pretty easy to squeeze and you get just the right amount of product.

The nozzle is small and dosage is easy. The product itself has a very faint cream scent which doesn't bother me, once it is on the face I can't detect it. The texture is soft and it spreads easily and fast, the skin feels soft and pores are filled (that sounds promising). It doesn't have any color but skin still looks blurred.

I think that my BB creams look very nice on top right after applying it but it fails to keep my skin oil free through the day.  After just a couple of hours my make-up starts to crack and separate and I can only blame this particular primer for that.
I think if your skin is pretty normal you could like it but for oily people I think this is a no go, maybe with a different make-up on top it would work but I can't prepare myself to use it once again just because it looks so terrible after lunch.
I will leave this one for the cooler months and maybe then it will be more suitable for my skin, in the meantime I have two other primers to try and report back.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 May 2017



I have been scouting through my extensive cosmetics stash and found some of the forgotten items (that perfume I loved two years ago or the body lotion I felt the need to repurchase because I got such an awesome deal), some of them are still a favorite of mine but some just went to stinky town and I collected them here and I'm about to toss them.

Let's start with the magical Balea Marigold multipurpose cream. I used to use it everywhere and for everything. It is super thick and moisturizing, I used it on my dry elbows, cuticles, on my nose if I had a cold or on wounds and scars. Because of the thick greasy texture microbes couldn't come in (honey is also known to be antibacterial but it is easier to carry around smaller tub of cream than sticky honey if you get a paper cut) and it would help heal my skin faster and leaving minimal or no scars. In the process of moving I misplaced it and forgot about it, now it is too old to finish it up but I will buy myself a new pot, maybe a bit smaller than this 250 ml packaging.

The other, smaller pot is famous and expensive Steam cream which also went bad on me. It used to smell very nice, like lavender and when I used it it felt greasy, somewhat oily but it did absorb into my skin. It was part of my night time routine for a while until I bought something new and lighter for the warmer months and I forgot about it. Now I have about a third left but a weird crusty layer appeared and I don't think it is safe to use it. I like it but I think that the price tag is a little too high for a product that didn't perform miraculously on my face.

Let's continue with Avon Big & Daring mascara about which I talked in my previous post. For me this one is very basic, it looks like I'm not even wearing mascara and I personally love big and daring lashes. The name was very off and it didn't live up to its name so I'm tossing it.

I finished another Essence all about matt fixing compact powder (my fourth or fifth one). It looks white but on my skin it comes of translucent, it sets my make-up (not for long) but it doesn't look cakey. I can reapply through the day and it manages to look nice. The low price tag is also a nice touch and I think I will repurchase it forever.

At the bottom is Avon ultra color lipstick in a limited edition shade called Polarizing Peach. It had a nice cream finish without shimmer. The formula was a standard Avon one which I love so much and the lovely fresh peach shade was very fitting for the Spring time.

In the middle there is one last item and it is from Skin 79 the oriental double perfection eye healer (eye cream in short). It had a gel consistency which absorbed quickly but it didn't impressed me, it was an okay eye cream and definitely not worth 20 € I spent on it. I'm already using something new and so far so good.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

13 May 2017

Rose toner


since Avon discontinued my favorite toner, Naturals Dog Rose & Aloe, they came out with new one and for the longest I tried to resit it until I found it for so cheap that I considered it almost a crime to let this good of a deal pass and who knows, maybe this will be just as good, right?

It is Avon Naturals Rose toner and it smells really nice, like Roses ;) I use toner after cleansing and my skin is always a bit thirsty. I felt an instant relief after I padded cotton pad soaked with my 'old' toner all over my skin this 'new' toner didn't deliver. My skin didn't feel enough moisturized, it still felt tight on the areas that needed moisture the most and I'm not alone. My mom also decided to get it and she felt the same and her skin is on the dry side. We were both disappointed and needles to say that we won't ever repurchase it again.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

12 May 2017

Big & Daring


today I have one almost forgotten item for you. I think I bought it last year hence the old packaging (now it has Mark written on it but the brush still looks the same and I imagine they didn't change the formula so they essentially just slightly renowned the tube).

It is Avon Big & Daring mascara which is supposed to give you almost fake looking lashes and according to that I had high hopes. I am using their mascaras my whole life (well I think I started using make-up since I was 18 and I have always been ordering Avon mascaras and they more or less all worked for me).

The wand is curved and the bristles aren't rubbery (what is the term for this type of spikes? It seems like more of an old fashioned wand, most of the companies releases plastic bristled wands these days) and I always get the plastic wands so I wasn't sure how I will like it. I don't think I had a problem with the wand since the shape of it helps coat the curve pretty nicely but I think that the formula was not right for me. At first it was a little bit too wet as most of mascaras are so I let it sit (two months) and it still performs the same. After curling I applied it and approximately after 30 minutes the curl dropped. If I just curl my lashes on a lazy day the curl stays with me almost all day but after I applied this mascara on top it dropped, does that means that the formula is too heavy? That is hard to believe because it didn't do much for me. It didn't elongate or thicken my lashes, it just kind of looked like I don't have anything on. What is the point of coating your lashes with it if it looks like nothing? It didn't wow me like I wanted to and I was hoping for a dramatic change since the name sounds so promising. It does have some plus sides as well, it doesn't clump or crumble. If you are looking for a mascara that just gives you some color and looks super natural you might want to look into this one but for all the other ladies who wear mascara to impress then skip this baby.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

09 May 2017

Happines looks gorgeous on me


it is May and Slovenian Cosnova team surprised me again. They asked me if I would like to try some new and exciting products that they are releasing soon and my answer? Sure, I would be happy to see products in advance and get to test them. The package arrived and I ripped open the envelope to see pink Essence notepad with lots of inspirational quotes inside (I used one of my favorite as a background for product displaying).

Next thing that caught my eye was a bright red new Catrice nail polish. It is named It's all about that red. As mentioned they are discontinuing the ultimate nail lacquer line and replacing it with the ICONails gel lacquers. The bottle looks really nice and it is also a little bit bigger, now they hold 10,5 ml. The cap is removable an the brush seems wider.

Fun looking lipsticks are from Essence TE, next stop Summer. They are color changing ones and that seems very exciting. I have never had a green lipstick before. The one in an orange packaging hides grass green tube of lipstick inside and it is named Wish I was a mermaid, when applied it is supposed to turn into a peach hue. The other one is vivid purple and is called Little miss sunshine (one of my favorite movies), they say that on the lips it turns into a hot pink shade (I haven't tried anything yet since I just received my package). Color changing lip products sound like a lot of fun and I will play with them this weekend and report back next week.

Thank you Cosnova team for making my heart skip a beat with these lovely products and Happy birthday Essence for turning 15.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

06 May 2017

H&M cosmetics


today it was a lovely Saturday and I visited the closest H&M store simply because I needed some smart clothes for work but I didn't stop there. I wandered into the make-up section to see what hidden gems could be found. I only have one cream blush from them which was a gift from my sister (I looked over for some cream products and they were absolutely disgusting, so much fuzz and dust was in there, I have a feeling no one cleans the samples or cares about them, do they manage to sell any? The new products are stored in a sealed boxes so they aren't contaminated but doesn't your stomach turn inside out when you see something so nasty?) However, I picked two powder eye shadows and two blue nail polishes (in my recent Catrice haul I also bought two blue paints and I swear they aren't exactly the same, they are close but not the same).

The lightest varnish is Clean Slate. I hoped that it would be a dupe for my beloved Essence Forget me not shade but this one seems a little dustier but it also has a cream finish. I will have to see if I will love it as much once it will be on my nails.
The second and darker color looks very intense in the bottle and it is called Inky Ink and I will probably give it to my mom because she like to paint her toenails with dark blue shades and she just used up her last bottle. If I will give it to her I will make sure I will try it on my nails as well so we can be nail polish twins ;)

When H&M came out with this revamped beauty line everyone was buying and testing it but now the craze calmed down I rarely hear anyone talking about it. Does that mean that people aren't as impressed by it or the higher price point just turns people off? I decided to get the two singles but I also had the neutral eye shadow palette on my wishlist. If I will like these two I might go back and pick the palette and some more.
The top and more golden is Baci di Dama and the more neutral, taupe like is Mojave. They are both shimmery and neutral, just how I like my shadows.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

30 April 2017



today I'm finishing this month with the second part of my empties.

I will start with the Avon Advance Techniques Instant repair shampoo with keratin power. It is supposed to be for damaged hair and while my hair aren't in that state I used it because I thought that some extra moisture and care in general will do them good but when I used the shampoo on its own my hair looked a bit dry and straw-like. I also have and use the conditioner from the same line and in combination with the shampoo it made my hair better so, if I used the shampoo alone the results were not so good but if I topped it off with a generous layer of conditioner my hair looked normal. I think that the conditioner is really good but the shampoo is a fail for me. I still have some more of the conditioner left which I will probably repurchase but the shampoo is a no no for me.

I have been using this Avon Senses Sensual Mystique body wash with exotic Rose and Jasmine which I found at the back of my cosmetic drawl. I have been enjoying this wash and it makes me a bit sad that it is gone because I love everything Rose. I replace it with the fruitier scent but I will repurchase it soon.

Second body moisturizer for the month is Avon Skin so Soft endless touch soothing gelled body oil (the version in a spray bottle is still available). The texture was quite liquid-y and I had to be really careful while opening the tube because I could spill the entire product, not the best packaging but the scent made it worth it. It had the most gorgeous lavender and chamomile scent ever, very comforting and soothing. I'm not sure if I want to get the liquid version but I might because the tube is nowhere to be found in the brochure.

Second to last is Afrodita's Hydra thermal 24h moisturizing face cream. It had a fast absorbing formula which moisturized pretty well and I used it at night. It was a nice cream but it didn't knock my socks off so I won't be repurchasing it. There is nothing wrong with it I'm just looking for something spectacular and sadly this one isn't.

The last item is make-up and it is old Avon glimmerstick in already discontinued shade Textured Teal. It is essentially black with green reflex to it. On the eye where I make thin line you can't really see it but on a thicker swatch you can. For me the color was okay but the staying power and its resilience to smudge impressed me, so after I'm done with a couple of pencils I'm buying some more shades.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

29 April 2017



this is my empties post no. 1 because I skipped the one in the middle of the month, ups ;) tomorrow the post no. 2 will follow...

I used up my favorite antiperspirant. It is Avon on Duty women Light Blue deo which is no longer sold (I bought a couple of backups when they discontinued it and this was my last bottle). They released them again under the same name and even some of the scents have the same name (I haven't tried them out so I can say if they are exactly the same) but this version did not come back. Maybe it is under a different name but I'm not sure. I think I will buy one of the new version to see how the formula is because Light Blue really worked for me. The scent was fresh and clean, kind of like I just got out of the shower (even after a long sweaty day), because it is an antiperspirant I noticed I wasn't sweating as much and when I did the scent was fresh as a daisy. I haven't experience any bad reaction and my sensitive armpits appreciated it.

Mini pot is Avon Anew nutri-advance eye cream about which I talked here. I still agree that this thicker cream is more suitable for night as it takes a little to fully absorb but the moisture that it provides is totally worth it. I will most probably repurchase it next winter.

The bigger pot is Afrodita's face and body yogurt. I tried it on my face but it irritated my skin so I was using it from my chin down. The scent was divine, soft caramel mixed with warm vanilla, the thicker cream spread nicely and it did moisturize but you have to leave it on the body for at least 5 minutes and for me that is a bit much. I get bored while in the shower so at the end I was happy that I'm done with it and I won't be repurchasing it. I prefer moisturizers that absorb and work faster.

Next to it is the Holika Holika Clearing BB cream. One year after purchasing it I emptied this tube, in my initial review I said it has medium coverage and at the time it wasn't enough but now my skin got better and this level of coverage is now enough but I had to start mixing it with something lighter because I had a feeling that it got a bit too dark for me. I use it almost every day and it is insane for how long it lasted me and take in consideration that the price is always around 5 €, usually a little under. No need to say that I'm already using my second tube, right?

In front there is Isadora Treat & Cover concealer in a pencil form. I'm not quite sure why I felt the need to buy this expensive concealer but I expected to be spectacular but I just ended being disappointed. The shade Ivory was okay but the slightly dry formula and mediocre coverage didn't do much for me. I tried to use it on bare skin or over make-up and nothing worked, the product just sat flat and very obvious on the skin while it didn't cover much. At the end I tried layering it under much cheaper and better ones (Catrice camouflage cream) and this is how I managed to finally use it up.

Second to last is Avon Perfect Kiss lipstick in the shade Pink Wink. This is the second one from this line that I'm tossing because it went bad. The same goes with this one, the scent and color seems fine but as soon I apply it to my lips I get the feeling like I have sand in my mouth and this is a clear sign for me.

The color is super pretty, bright coral, just the way I like it but it is not worth it anymore so I'm getting rid off. I hope I will find a similar shade because right now I really want to wear colors like that.

The last item is also not completely done and it is Figs & Rouge natural lip balm in the Lemon Berry scent. The brand is natural and organic so no wonder it went bad before I used it up but this time I'm not upset at all because I didn't like it. The scent was a bit weird and plastic-y, it had some pink color but since I used it when I went to bed it didn't really matter (I usually woke up looking like a clown, thank God I live alone) and the formula was so thin that after 30-40 minutes my lips were dry and I sleep for longer than that. It didn't provide enough moisture so my lips were dry and patchy for a while. I prefer the Labello ones in the pot, they are not natural or organic but they do their job which is to moisturize and after I'm done with all of my balms in pots (I have two others form Figs & Rouge and one from The Body Shop) I'm for sure buying more from the Labello and never again from Figs & Rouge.

Tomorrow I will follow with the second part of my empties.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

27 April 2017

Project polish


it is time to update you with my project polish progress. This time around I am ditching five bottles and not all of them are completely empty...

First is a bright shimmery Miss Sporty in the 404 shade. Not my favorite shade but the shimmer made it look better, I loved it with neutral clothing because this color on my nails provided a lot of cick and flare.

Next is a beautiful lavender color from Essence Blossoms etc. line in the shade Bloom a Loom. For a close up of this beauty click here. It is not original by any means but if you like colors like that...

Third was a part of Essence magnetics line. The instructions at the back reads that after applying it on the nail you use the magnet which creates patterns while the polish is drying. I tried this once or twice but I didn't like the result too much so I used it like a regular polish (my nails are too curvy for this kind of art). This bottle of  Hex, Hex! isn't completely empty but I'm tossing it because I had major tip wear the next day and I just don't have the time to redo my nails every day so I'm ditching it.

Second to last is Catrice Forget me not shade. It is a bright purple with tons of sparkle which doesn't need the sun to shine. My bottle isn't completely empty , there is still enough polish left for two or three manicures but I figure out that he formula is too old. After I used it the polish didn't dry, it stayed damp and it smudged all over. I'm retiring it but I will try to find something similar because this shade had the ability to lighten up any bad days I might had.

And the last one for this month is a Bichun 673. It goes on clear but it has rather big holographic glitter particles with some half moons tossed in the mix, the moons however started to lift after a day or two and got caught into fabrics and torn some of my tights or they simply fell off. I wasn't a big fan of the chunky glitter but it did made some of my 'boring' polishes a bit more interesting.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

25 April 2017

Essence and Catrice


on my day off I decided to treat myself with a walk through the drugstore and pick some items up that were on my wishlist for a long time. It was just a coincidence that Catrice is having a sale on their ultimate nail lacquer line (the regular line which is getting replaced with the new ICONails gel lacquers, so far they have them as a LE but soon more shades will join the range and completely replace the round bottles as we know). There is one grey shade that caught my eye but I decided to wait for some swatches first, instead I picked up two 'old' shades and for now I have enough.

The biggest and probably the most coveted item is the Catrice prime and fine professional contouring palette in the lighter shade Ashy Radiance. I have heard only good things about it and now I finally got it for myself. I don't have any contouring powders and it looks like this would be a good one to start with.

Second is another cheek product but this one is from Essence and it is their blush ball in the most neutral almost bronze shade Cinnamon Candy. I have locked my eyes on this blush since it came out, the other two shades are also pretty but this particular color really stood out and I had to pick it up.

As mentioned, these polishes are getting discontinued and were on sale so I went through every shade and only the two blue interested me. They are very similar but since the prices were reduced and I haven't bought any nail polish bottles this year I could justify purchasing both.
The top, slightly darker and with some tiny shimmer is called Summer Nights Sky and the bottom one is named The Sky so Fly.

Two more products that look almost the same in terms of tones but I'm looking for a dupes of a discontinued pencil from Avon and these two shades looks very similar.
They are both from Essence the top one is from their kajal pencil line and the shade is N'iced Coffee and second one is Extreme Lasting easy glide and waterproof pencil in the Rockin' Taupe.

Rockin' Taupe and N'iced Coffee might look similar but the formulas are different and one is even supposed to be waterproof. I hope the shades will turn out the way I want them to and that they won't smudge all over my lids.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

22 April 2017

45. NOTD


I'm constantly painting my nails but rarely take a picture of it, it is ether because I'm in a hurry or the light isn't the best, this time I made sure I painted them in the morning on my day off and took the photo of my nails right after (before smudging and tip wear could appear ;).

As a base polish I used Essence LE polish in the shade Bloom a Loom. It is a very pretty lavender shade, just the kind of color I'm drawn to it and I already have plenty of similar shades in my stash.
I top it off with another discontinued Essence polish, this one is named Crack me Silver. I bought it when cracking top coats were a thing but now they are nowhere to be found. Is there a brand that still makes them? Let me know because I like to spice my 'boring' polishes with this unique effect.

I like to apply very thin coat of silver cracker so the cracks are small and the two colors almost merge into each other.

I have tried with the thicker coat and the big chunks just don't appeal to me but I know some people prefer that way, which one do you like? Do you still wear shater top coats or they are already history for you?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

04 April 2017



I did some shopping because I really needed some of the items but others jumped in my basket without me realizing ;)

First tube belong to the Essence LE Little Beauty Angels and it is the wake-up effect face primer (they also have the green and the purple one). I haven't find any reviews online but I still wanted to try it because I'm on a hunt for a pore filling, mattifying primer and this one claims to do just that but also brighten the skin at the same step.

Second is Deborah face perfect primer for mattifying t-zone, has anti-shine formula and it is supposed to smooth and even the complexion. From the tube I can see the slightly thicker, silicone based formula and it immediately draw my attention.

Third bottle is Ebelin nail polish remover and since I am already halfway done with the one I'm using right now so I picked anther one just so I won't be left without.

I don't need any new lipsticks but I really like the Essence Sheer & Shine line, I already have two shades and I talked about them here. This time I decided to get more of a rosy color and it is called BFF. I will take some photos and show it on the blog sometimes next week.

First pot is my favorite setting powder and it is Essence all about matt translucent powder. I'm almost done with my old one and before I use it up completely I bought myself a backup. They came out with the waterproof version of it and I wanted to pick it up but it was sold out in my drugstore but I will keep my eyes open because I want to try it before the Summer heat hit us.

The last item is Catrice Sun Glow mineral bronzing powder which always looks so good on photos and a lot of people raves about it, so naturally it was on my wishlist. I had some coupons for it and finally I pick it up. I have to say that in person it looks a bit orange-y and I hope it will look more neutral on my skin but I will have to wear it a couple of times to see the true color.

That is it for now. I haven't been shopping in a long time, yes I bought some Avon but other than that I really haven't. To test all that and 'new' Avon products under Mark name will take me some time and till then I will try not to bring anything new in.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

02 April 2017

Avon/Mark products


Avon just came out with the new line of make-up and it is called Mark. I know that somewhere this line already existed so I was scared that they will discontinue the Color Trend range but thankfully they decided to keep it. The more I looked into the Mark range the more everything looked the same, they basically just repackaged old products and put on some new names. I still fell for it and bought three items.

First is their magix face primer which I was using back when it came out and I was in high school. I wasn't using any foundations or concealers on top of it but my only issue was oily skin and this primer worked great. I will see how it will work with my BB creams and I will report back.

This little pot is another familiar product. I had it when they were selling it under Extralasting line with the red cap. However, I really liked the lasting formula and the unusual color but it dried so when I saw that they came out with the same shade I snatch it again. Now it is called 18h cream eye shadow and my shade is Totally Taupe. The color looks exactly the same but I will test it if they kept the formula the same.

The last item is the lipstick and they were marked as the 3D lipsticks, now they call them the plumping ones. This item was the only one I have never tried before and it seems like they changed some of the names, I found a blogger who had the entire collection of the old ones (in the frosted silver packaging) and now she has the whole new line and she confirmed that the shades are the same, they just swapped some of the names. I got for myself the light pink shade which is called Rose Kisses, before it was sold under Stolen Kisses name. So far I like the shade but I will have to use it more often to see how well this formula will work for me, I heard that this line is one of the best ones.

Give me a week or two to properly test everything and then I will report back.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

31 March 2017



this month is a little longer but I don't mind. It is my birthday month and the best gift for me is the awakening of the mother nature. I love the fresh breeze, warm sun, blooming trees and colorful plants. This year can finally start and I'm starting it on the positive note and now I can only wish to continue like this.
I have been saving for the past couple of months and that results in lots of empties because I don't buy and try new products but use the same ones until they are gone and this month is not an exception.

I will start with the two body moisturizers, first bottle is Afrodita's anti stress massage oil (I was massaging myself ;) with an amazing lavender and herbal scent. Oil sinked in rather quick so my sheets didn't absorb much and I liked that. You don't need much to moisturize the entire body and this bottle lasted me for a long time. I will repurchase it for sure but first I have to go through a couple of other oils before they go bad on me.

Next is an oldie but a goldie (this is my second used up bottle). It is from Avon Planet SPA line with the Himalayan goji berry which smells like strawberry on steroids, not artificial at all but quite strong, I sometimes used it in the morning and skipped the perfume all together. This line is sadly no longer available but if it will ever come back I'm repurchasing.

Third tube is my favorite face moisturizer. Neutrogena oil free face moisturizer is my favorite and this is my second tube and I'm already on my third one. I discovered it last year and since then I haven't even look for anything else. It has very light texture which absorbs quickly which comes handy in the morning, it moisturizes very well and it doesn't leave greasy film. My oily skin loves it and I will continue repurchasing, the only thing I miss is the SPF but I use primers and BB creams on top which includes sun protection so I'm covered.

My sister is eager to find effective natural deodorant and she tried this L'occitane cooling deodorant with Citrus and Verbena scent (very fresh and clean scented just how I like it, I would even have this scent in the perfume version). She has tried many over the last five years or so and nothing worked, even this one caused painful irritation on her armpits so she offered it to me. I kindly accepted it and I liked it. My armpits aren't as sensitive but after using it two weeks straight they got a bit red and itchy so I skipped a day and the next morning I was fine. I exercised almost every day and the scent was okay, this definitely isn't the most long lasting deo but the scent is lovely however the price tag brought me back on the solid ground. It costs almost 17 € and for that much it has to be perfect so I most probably won't buy any L'occitane deo ever again.

Second to last is Omnia Cosmetics day eye cream with hyaluronic acid. I already used up the thicker night cream and now I finished this one which had gel consistency which absorbed super quickly. I tried it under my eyes but apparently it was too strong because it irritated my eyes (they both did) so instead using it around my eye area I used it all over my face as a serum and I managed to use it up. In the future I will be careful with this ingredient but I'm not sure if it really was the Hyaluronic acid that caused me troubles. Right now I'm using face cream with this acid and it seems fine, I also have two other Hyaluronic acid serums and I will see how they will work. This particular item was available only for a very limited time so even if I would love it I wouldn't be able to get a backup.

And finally the last item is limited edition hand cream from Essence in the Banana and Dark Chocolate scent. The scent is a dupe of the Casali choco bananas desert which I adore. The hand cream was average to me, if I applied a little too much it left my hands greasy but if my skin was really dry and cracked it didn't do much. It was best to use constantly and very little but people were always asking me what my perfume is or what I'm eating when it was just this hand cream ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day