17 March 2018

refreshing & moisturizing primer stick


Essence came out with this TE almost a month ago but some of the stores still haven't got the products so there is still a chance to grab them before they are gone.

Essence For Boys and Girls TE contains 'basic' products and one of them is this refreshing & moisturizing primer stick. It comes in a small but chubby format.

The packaging and the product itself reminded me very much of an Catrice Summer TE Travelight Story from this past Summer about which you can read here.

You have to apply it straight on the face, at first it feels a bit cooling but it instantly makes the skin matte. For super oily gals like me this won't keep the oils at bay for the whole day so I use it on the days when it is not too hot (now is perfect) and the make-up on top wears really nice. I get shiny but foundation doesn't start to break or crack. All in all I really like it and the price is lower that it was on the Catrice one (they will come out with anther collection Active Warrior and it seem like it will include a very similar primer again), I like it a lot and I will try to hunt down a backup before it is gone.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 March 2018



this time around I'm having a lot of face products. I'm trying a lot of new stuff and some older ones that didn't convinced me have to go.

First and second tubes are two Holika Holika discontinued Petite BB creams. In the yellow packaging is Bouncy with nice coverage but way too dark for me so I barely used it. Second is Aqua and while the shade matches me better it has barely there coverage so I only used it on my neck to connect my face with the rest of my body.

The white tube is my second Avon Anew clinical advanced resurfacing peel with 10% glycolic acid. Inside you get 30 soaked pads which you rub over cleansed face and if you have some dry skin, acne or just sensitive skin it will lightly burn or tingle. It didn't bother me too much but I wasn't using them regularly so I can't tell if they worked for me. As I mentioned this is my second pack but I won't be spending my money on something I'm not even sure if it works for me.

The bottle on top is my beloved Afrodita great burdock hair oil. I swear that this oil is magical as it helps my hair grow faster (even my sister and mom can verify that because they both are using their own bottles of it). I talked about it here.

This lip balm was sent to me but I was so interested in it that I would probably spent my own money on it but at the end I'm glad that I didn't. This was very average balm that did very little for my dry and chapped lips but it smelled so nice, like a true Mango. It is from Essence & the lovely little things LE and was named & we kissed.

The last two tubes are both from Korean brands and are green make-up bases. First is Tony Moly Baby Doll make up mint base and second is The Face Shop air cotton green make up base. I did buy them on two different occasions and were my first make up primers and at the beginning I was excited about them but later I discovered better ones so these two were left forgotten. I know I had them for so long and that they probably already went bad so I'm tossing them before they start to reek.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

08 March 2018

Iridescent Pink, Opalescent Green and Peach Prism


I was so very excited when I saw this palette in the bag. Doesn't it look stunning?

The reflective surface of this L.O.V. holographic highlighter palette is insane. It is made out of sturdy cardboard which is something I'm not to happy about it but it will do. The  magnetic closure is strong and it doesn't feel flimsy, it is just a personal preference (plastic over paper because I can wash it).

Inside you get three shades which looks very similar to one another but after swatching them there is a whole new story.

First shade is Iridescent Pink which swatches lavender, next is Opalescent Green which is 'the bold one' and the more conservative Peach Prism which comes out more pink than peach.

Really, in the palette they look very static and light, not reflective at all.

However, on the skin these come to life.

I didn't even tried to make pigmented swatches, they are all one swipes and the pigmentation is insane.

Iridescent Pink and Opalescent Green are the 'crazy' ones and I can't imagine myself wearing them on my cheeks. I prefer my highlighter to be more natural toned so the last one the Peach Prism is the only one that grazed my cheeks and I paired it pinky blush so it didn't look too out of place.

The first two shades makes a beautiful eye shadows. I paired them with some more toned down colors such as brown or grey and then just a little bit of one of these on the lid and my eye looks always turned out to be so eye catchy.

Peach Prism comes across as less pigmented from the bunch but that is not true. It has duochrome effect that is maybe more visible on the lower photo, in the real life it is more visible.

It has that gorgeous effect that I love so very much. You can see it only where the light hits it directly
otherwise it is almost invisible unlike the first two shades that are screaming out lout with their pigmented base.

I'm a young woman that is still trying and struggling with make-up and I prefer more 'natural' looking cheeks. I know there are women who are bolder and have no problem with adding some green glow onto their cupid's bow but I'm not one of them and that is okay.
I'm happy and grateful that I have been send this palette to review it and test something new out.
I now have pinky highlighter for my cheeks and two more eye shadows  ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

03 March 2018

Warm brown


I don't think I ever talked about my brows on my blog. I have been using the same dark grey eye shadow and angled brush for years and the powder has a massive pan so I think maybe this year I will be done with it. I'm not fussy about my brows, I tried a couple of pencils and powder but I always go back to that old discontinued Avon palette so this product that was sent to me by L.O.V. was intriguing.

It is L.O.V. staining eyebrow cushion in the shade warm brown from their current forever brows collection. There is another shade available if your brows are cool toned maybe that one will suit you better.

The packaging is simple and sleek, just the way I like it. When you unscrew the lid there is the cushion which is very soft and delicate brush has no issues in pressing it down to get to the product. The brush picks a lot of product so it is easy to fill it in. It feels watery but probably that is only because I'm just so used to use powders.

The color is very warm and light brow and it couldn't be further away from my natural color but I still tried it out (on my off day). It looked weird but if the color would match me I think it would look natural.
They also claim to have staining properties which I haven't noticed. In the evening I washed my face with a regular face wash and all of the color came out, nothing stayed.
I even used it as an eye liner but it is too wet for that and when I went over the same line it just removed the previous layer and didn't want to build up to get that even line.

I will part with this product because I just can't find any use in my make-up for it but maybe someone else would.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

28 February 2018



we are again embracing the end of another month. I love March because of the Spring awakening but this year it looks like we will have to wait a little longer. It is freezing outside and occasionally snowing so Winter here is in full swing but I still hope the weather will change at least towards the end of the month when my birthday will take place so we could have party outside on the sun, lets cross our fingers.

First is Essence instant matt fixing spray. It sprays a fine mist and if my skin is already a bit dry it can feel a little uncomfortable after it dries (I imagine spraying hair spray would do the same, kind off pull the skin so it would feel like the skin on face is too tight) but I solve it with a little spritz of toner afterwards and it is fine. I think my make-up lasts longer and looks better when I use it so I already have a new bottle in my bathroom.

Next is another spray but this time from Avon Advance Techniques Supreme oils line and it is a duo oil (you have to shake it well before spraying it onto the hair). I love the scent that they have in the AT line but this one smells slightly different and for me even better. At first I didn't know how to use it because if I sprayed it on my tips it did nothing, I had to be careful not to use too much otherwise it would make my hair greasy so I only used it to make my hair smell great, one or two spritzes but a couple of months ago I started to blow dry my hair and I was so scared that hot air would dry them out. I remembered that I have this and now I use it on damp hair and then blow dry them, my hair look amazing. They are shiny, healthy looking, bouncy and smell great. I really think that adding oil on my hair before blow drying helps and I already repurchase it (probably some other oil would work just as fine but since I adore the scent on this particular one I will use this one).

Avon Clearskin gel purifying face cleanser is already a repurchase but this time it is housed in 'new' packaging. Almost jelly consistency had some green small balls in there which dissolved after massaging it. I think it cleansed my skin well and witch hazel help calming my skin down. At the moment I have plenty of face washes at my disposal but after they are all gone I just might repurchase it again.

Huh, this Batiste dry shampoo in Blush scent totally spin me around. First I was using the tinted ones that smelled like old socks and then they came out with scented ones and I wanted to try them for so long but I held myself back because I knew just how many bottles from other brands I had and I needed to go through them first. The first time I used this one I knew this is it. The scent is divine and I would use it as a perfume, it does have some white cast but my dirty (I hate to use that word to describe my hair color but it seems legit) light brown hair with natural blond highlights camouflage it well just as long as I run my fingers though a little. It is very strong, a little goes a long way so this big 200 ml can lasts me for a long time and they regularly reduce the price so I can get them for really cheap.

Almost there, just a couple of lip products. These two are Avon Ultra Color Indulgent lipsticks in Pink Blossom (coral-pink) and Petal Pink (cool toned pink). I remember that I order them right when they came out so I didn't quite know how the shades looks like. I actually purchase three (Tawny Rose is still my favorite) and these two rarely get on my lips. I tried them just recently and I'm not in these brights anymore and since they are over three years old and I really can't see myself using them I thought I would just toss them if I will feel the need to use bright pink I still have a couple in my collection that aren't as old and I can use them.

The very last item is Burt's Bees tinted lip balm in the shade Petunia. I have seen that they changed the packaging, colors and names so this one is no longer available and I'm fine with it. The color was a nice baby pink but when my lips were dry the pigment made it even more obvious and that happened all the time. I would use it all day long and my lips got dry and chapped. I don't care if the product is natural, organic or vegan if it doesn't do its job, in this case moisturize, then I don't like it. I still have another shade and I'm seriously thinking of tossing it away. Life is too short to use crappy lip balms that don't work, right?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

27 February 2018

Project Polish


last month I didn't post anything under my project polish because I had nothing to show you but I'm still loving the challenge so I wanted to continue with knocking bottles out of my stash ether by using them up or tossing oldies that I never use.

This time there are six 'solders', none of them is completely used up but there are other reasons why I decided to part with them.

First we have Essence Yes, we pop! TE nail polish in the shade Grab this Hype. It started to separate and crack inside the bottle so it is unusable but such a shame because I love this bright and cheerful color. I need to find something similar in the store.

Next is another love but this time from Catrice and it is called Purplelized. This purple with shimmer screams Autumn in my opinion but sadly it is completely dry and therefore unusable. You can see this beauty here. If I could repurchase it I would in a heartbeat.

Next we have another TE from Essence and it is from Hidden Stories collection in the shade Enter Wonderland. I wanted almost white polish and this one was almost perfect because it is not stark white but matte formula makes it so very hard to apply that I probably only used it once and never again. It started to separate so I'm tossing it.

This is my only Models Own bottle and it was part of a swap. It is in the shade Utopia, light lilac but pastels are so hard to apply and this one is not an exception. I also probably only used it once and never again, it is just too much of a hassle for me.

The last two are a complete disappointments from the professional brand LCN. The green one is named New York Beat and the grey is Tokyo Expression. In general nice cream colors but they don't dry, well I only tried them in April in 2016 and then I never touched them again. Two years later I decided that it is time to let them go... into the trash bin.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

26 February 2018

Peach-Party! and Dare to go Nude


I just decided to continue with Essence products that are leaving us so I won't have a guilty conscience because I already purchase some new products from the brand.

I already have a couple of Essence must haves and so I knew that they are definitely worth purchasing at the full price (around 1.30 €) but I got these two for just 0,99 € per item.

First is eye shadow in Peach-Party! and second is lip powder in Dare to go Nude. I tried one of their lip powders and I don't like the feel of powder on my lips so I'm using it as an eye shadow and it works great.

Shades are quite similar to each other but the finish is different. Peach-Party! has a lot of shimmer and it is great for the lid because it makes my look shinier and more fun.
The Dare to go Nude shade is almost matte, if you look closer you can definitely see some shimmer but it is not as loud as the first color. I like to place it all over the lid and blend it up in my crease. There is no surprise if I tell you that I wear them together and it is such a simple look but I'm loving it so very much.

Here you might see the glow on Peach-Party! a little better. It won me over when I was still in the store so I bought one for my sister and she reported back to me that she is also in love with that sparkly little number.

They might look small and cheap but the price is super low and I would highly suggest everyone to give them a go. I swear you won't be disappointed.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day