16 September 2019

Essence gift


I consider myself as a very lucky girl. I was sent this lovely PR gift from Essence including three new items from their recent update.

I received contouring duo palette for lighter skin. Both shades are matte and the first one almost look like a face powder, I wonder if it will be a good match or it will be slightly too dark but as a contour or bronzer is too light... The other shade looks like a lovely bronzer. It is way too warm to be a contour ( I had a feeling that it will be like that in the first place so I'm not even mad or surprised). I love bronzers and I'm always excited to receive more.

The blush is in this lovely berry/plum shade named Befitting. I wonder if the formula is even better that the previous  one. Their blushes were already amazing so I wonder if they were even able to upgrade the already amazing texture.

The last items is their new line of lipsticks and honestly I was the most excited to try this one out. They go by the perfect shine name and I couldn't be happier. I love shiny lipstick ;) I received soft red one with the name Perfect Plan. To bad that they don't have soft rose tone.

I will start testing them out immediately simply because I can't contain myself, so many lovely goodies to try out.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 September 2019



time flies by and it is empties time again. I have some items that I was working on on my recent vacation and others are for pampering and soothing my skin afterwards (I didn't burn, my skin was just a bit dry and dehydrated after more than usual sun exposure and extensive swimming).

I purchased this Hazelnut oil from Milnica because it is supposedly appropriate also for oily and sensitive skin (I had zero issues with it), Mostly I used it as a cleansing agent to remove make-up from my skin and then followed with my regular gel cleanser and my face was clean and didn't feel stripped of moisture (I'm really into this two step cleansing and if necessary I follow with micellar water afterwards). I will repurchase it again but at the moment I have some jojoba oil which also suits me very well.

Aveo grapefruit hand sorbet was purchased last year but since I have so many hand creams only now I started to use it. It has almost clear gel texture with lovely zest fragrance but the issue I have with it is that it leaves my skin sticky and that is a big setback.

On of my favorite SPF face creams is this  Holika Holika dazzling sunshine make up sun cream with SPF 45 +++. It does leave white residue (it is mineral sun cream) but still it keeps me matte. I like it a lot until I found something even better (still mineral but not so white) and so this year I used it on my body (it was also a bit older and I was scared that it wasn't protecting me so applying thick coats was something I did and I didn't get burned even though I spend a lot of time on the sun and in the water, it was waterproof, another reason why it was lovely).

This Essence hydra nail care serum has quickly become an essential item in my nail care. Every time I changed my color (sometimes also in between but mostly when my nails were bare) I applied some of it an massaged it into my cuticles to keep them hydrated and nourished. I liked the fact that it sinked in fast and I wasn't left with greasy residue. I would repurchased it but now I received oil which is very affective but greasy.

Afrodita body jam was sold out almost immediately when it came out. It was so popular that they weren't even able to manufacture it, the demand was too high. I was lucky enough to spot it and get it among the first. It smells just like apricot jam but unfortunately the texture is also just like that. Sticky and annoying. I was saving it for vacation to finally finish it because I don't mind being sticky on the beach.

I wanted to try and love this Catrice HD active performance primer with SPF 30 so badly but unfortunately it just wasn't meant to be. It didn't hold my make-up in place so I decided to use it on my body to at least finish it up. You can find more about it here.

For the last I saved another batch of these Garnier moisture + relaxing tissue mask, super hydrating and detiring with lavender extract and hyaluronic acid. When I came back from my sea vacation my skin was a bit dry and not quite right so I used these two sheets to bring back my normal self. What I also like about it is that there is enough serum left in each bag for another three to four days of nourishing. With these two I really felt a difference when I used them. Maybe they really worked or maybe my skin was just too stressed and a little pampering did the trick. I'm still not 100% sure that I will get them again but if I will I will get these, the purple ones.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

14 September 2019

Nurturing Nude and Revitalizing Raspberry


this post is long overdue. I bought these two lipsticks back in... I can't even remember. I purchased them right when they came out and I still haven't find the time to show them here until today.

Avon supreme nourishing lipsticks are housed in standard Avon packaging with bronze bar in the middle.

These guys are marbled and that was what caught my attention right away. Show me marbled products and I'm sold (I can't wait for the new Catrice Pure simplicity collection).

Each product is individualized so even if I would repurchase one of the two shades it would look different. It also looks different on the lips from day to day and that can be very fun.

This lovely nude is Nurturing Nude. After wearing it a couple of days the layer under the surface revealed thick coat of balm which dilutes color so it was more sheer (you can check it how it looked on my lips while on the swatch the full on color is seen).

Soft red is Revitalizing Raspberry. Lovely shade but a little bolder and therefore not something I could wear everyday. I think that the color looks lovely on me but I don't feel like wearing it all the time.

Nurturing Nude and Revitalizing Raspberry as they are in full on mode with barely there balm lines. That is how they looked in its boldest form. Nude one has warmer tones and I actually prefer it mixed with balm as I demonstrate on the picture below.

Nurturing Nude has some golden shimmer but it is barely noticeable and it tints my lips almost peachy. Very very nice and I have actually already finished it ;) (if you read my empties you were able to spot it). I'm debating if I would repurchase it again, one reason is that at the moment I don't have any nude shades and this one was really nice but at the same time I'm ready to try something new... decisions, decision.

Revitalizing Raspberry is much bolder and even mixed with balm didn't helped much. I like the slightly glossy look but the color isn't something I could easily reapply and wear with confidence. In essence I like the warm tone but I wear it once or twice a month so I still have plenty to go through. Wish me luck that I will finish it before it will go bad  ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

11 September 2019



another day another nail polish. Lately I have been on a neutral kick and I'm loving it especially if they have some shimmer to it and this one is sparkling.

Essence the gel nail polish in the shade called Flamingold even though I see this color more bronze than gold.

This color was the second one that I had some reservations but since it was so cheap (1€ because I got it on sale) I still purchased it. The other one is On air! that I reviewed last week but both surprised me and turn out to be among my favorites.

Just like the golden shade On air! this one also has some silver sparkles to keep it on the cool side but the shimmer is smaller and therefore also easier to remove.

I find this color to be lovely, neutral but it sill packs some punch on the Sun. I honestly can decide which one I like better but thankfully I don't even need to ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

09 September 2019

Sweet Peach


this lip gloss is a true cutie. I have a thing for glosses in tubes and this particular one is peach scented, how could I resist?

It is Essence smoothie gloss in Sweet Peach flavour.
There are four other scents/shades but the rest are brighter and while they are pigmented I thought will be harder to apply and wear so I opted for the most natural looking from the bunch.

I think lip glosses in tubes are easier to apply while on the go but only if it is sheer (so you don't need a mirror) but this wide opening makes it a bit hard. The tube dispenses a little too much products (maybe if you have thicker lips that perhaps won't be an issue for you).

The color looks more coral when you squeeze it out but I like to sheer it out so it looks super natural and it gives my lips just a hint of color but plenty of shine and delicious Peach taste (it seriously is delicious). The only downside is that I apply too little so it also doesn't last on me. I wish they would make it a bit more sheer so I could lay down a thick layer which would make it last longer and I wouldn't need to reapply every 45 minutes or so.
I took it with me on a vacation (it doesn't have any SPF) because it is easier to use liquid lip product on the beach than lip balm in a stick format (I remember last years vacation fiasco when my lip balm simply melted). It is not perfect (I wish it would be a bit more sheer) but if I would lost it I would go to the store and repurchase it immediately, it costs around 2 EUR and you get plenty for your money.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

08 September 2019

Zinc about you


I have found this little beauty under discontinued...

It is Essence melted chrome eye shadow in the shade Zinc about you. I grabbed it immediately since I'm already familiar with the formula, last year I think I received shade called Steel the look.

This one is rose toned and something a year ago I wouldn't even look at. Just recently I started experimenting with pink on my eyes (I'm still using blushed on my eye lids because I don't think I can commit to a full pan of pink shadow) and this makes a great lid topper.

I lightly rubbed my finger in there and the first swatch is made with plenty product on, second and third line were made with the remaining. I wanted to show you how pigmented and packed it is, even on the third swatch you can see plenty of shimmer and it sparkles so lovely when you actually put it on.

At some angles this color might look a bit more brown toned but that is just the light play. Sparkles are what matters and Essence really nailed it with these little magical pots. If they are really gone they did it wrong. I think I can speak for everyone and say that we love glitter and we want it back especially the kind of glittery shadows that stick to the lid, have zero fallout, they don't crease or fade. These are amazing and if you have some you can consider yourself lucky.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

07 September 2019

Secret Apricot


I have plenty of blushes in my stash. I could say that I discovered them pretty late in my make-up journey. That being said I also accumulated plenty of them and I haven't show you all of them yet.

This pretty unique blush shade (at least in my collection) is L.O.V heartful healthy glow blush in Secret Apricot. I purchased it when the brand was still available in our stores and my eyes gravitated to the most unusual shade on the shelf.

It is called secret Apricot but there is nothing secret about it. It is bright and vivid coral leaning towards orange territory shade.

I have to be careful because it is very pigmented but if you do it right (lightly) it looks gorgeous. It gives my cheeks that healthy color that radiates almost within.

Even though this collection is called healthy glow (I would agree with the healthy looking part) but glow gets me. Some of the shades I think had some sheen and some didn't. Mine is shine free, matte but not chalky dry. The finish is still very beautiful but since I'm a big fan of glowy cheeks I like to add some extra highlighter just to accentuate the color a bit more.

I'm super happy with this shade and I think it looks good on my pale face but it would look even better if I would work on some tan (I tried but with no avail).
Before they completely pulled out of our market I remember checking out their range for some more lovely blushes. Don't get me wrong, they were amazing but nothing too special, I felt like I already had all of the shades. Probably this will be the only blush I will own from them but boy, oh boy, it is a gorgeous one.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day