17 August 2019

Glitter Choc


this beauty accompany me last week and even though the dark colors are more suited in the cooler months this one made some sense in the Summer. It is dark and neutral to go with everything but still sparkly to get enough attention.

It is Essence the gel nail polish in Glitter Choc. I grabbed it when it was getting discontinued back in January.

It is a dark brown with some purple undertones but it doesn't look purple. The sparkles and more like flakes that shimmer and they reflect blue, purple and silver. The base is warm and the shine is cool toned, interesting combination that I haven't seen in any other nail varnish. 

What is interesting is that on the nails it looks different. The brown base is mistaken for a black and only under direct sunlight you can see the chocolate hue. I'm not bothered by it, actually I think it is cool to have a nail polish which is such a chameleon and change color and shift light in different variations.
In some smaller stores I still spotted some of the 'old' Essence bottles so if I like some of the old colors you might still find them with some effort.

Btw, removing was quite easy. I had to rub a little more because of the sparkle but not as much as if it would be a full sparkler and most importantly my skin around nails didn't got tinted or stained which is much appreciated.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

15 August 2019



and I'm back with empties. A little less as usually but it seems like I say that quite often lately...

First item is Avium Citrus natural deodorant. I saw it last year and I decided to try more natural option for my sweaty armpits. At first it seemed like it worked so I got the lavender version as well but then the hot Summer came along and my 'first' opinion went down the drain. It is a stick but sometimes it leaves chunks that I have to rub into my skin, nothing too annoying but what let me down is its inability to prevent bad smell. It claims to reduce the sweat and minimize the scent but in my case that is not evident. I used it on less busy days but still I wasn't happy about it. I still have the Lavender version to go through and I hope that that one will be more suited for my skin.

Next is Avon care Yoghurt & Honey body wash. The scent is a bit generic and fake but thankfully it isn't too strong. The texture is creamier but I haven't noticed any special moisture properties. I think this body wash was average and that in the future I will try something new.

Browsing through the store I came across this Nature Box shampoo with cold pressed Almond oil. I opened the bottle and I liked the scent (I'm no longer crazy about it, I guess I got used to it) and bought it on a whim. It is free from sulfates, silicones and parabens. I'm not a scientist or someone who is knowledgeable about ingredients but I purchased it simply because I like the scent. At first I had to get to used to it. I used more than usually to properly wash my hair (it doesn't foam as much as 'regular' shampoos) and in the beginning my hair looked a bit dry and stripped. After using it a couple of times my hair got used to it and they were fine but nothing spectacular. Maybe I will try some other version but this one I won't repurchase.

My sister loves sheet masks but I think they are a bit impractical (they have the tendency to fall off so I only use them in the morning while still laying in my bed), still I wanted to give them another chance and bought a bunch of these Garnier ones (they look new?). First I tried the moisture + freshness tissue mask with green tea and hyaluronic acid. I have a really terrible cold (I know, I know, cold in the middle of a Summer? It sucked the life out of me and my skin, in fact my skin hasn't looked so terrible in years so I decided to treat it with this duo pack of sheet masks). My pimples didn't looked particularly reduced but my skin looked moisturized and taken care of. I have some other versions and after trying some more I will decide if they are worth it for me or not.

The very last item is Olaz anti-wrinkle firm and lift renewal eye gel. I picked it up because of its gel texture. I needed something light for the morning use under my make-up. I like to use something that absorbs quickly, plumps and nourish my under eye area all at once. This one was nice but I wished to be a bit more moisturizing, I still crave this Afrodita's Hydra Thermal one, which is discontinued. I compare every single eye cream to this one and nothing comes close.

Wow, this time I have nothing but 'average' products. None of them was a complete failure for me but they didn't ether rock my world.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

31 July 2019



this round I have very little products at the finished line. I think that is simply because now I'm left with newer products which are still quite full and therefore harder to use up. I'm trying really hard to use up what I already have and purchase less so every used up product is a little victory on its own.
On the photo below I have some really lovely and some really awesome products.

Avon Today body souffle didn't have any special formula as the 'souffle' implies. Regular milkier lotion but I purchase it because of its scent. I was eyeing this perfume for a long time and I thought that purchasing lotion will make me decide if I really like the scent (I do like it a lot so I already own a perfume as well ;) To me it smells creamy, warm, flowery and a bit honey like. I loved coating myself with this scent and probably I will repurchase it soon.

Alkmene tea tree face wash is nothing new in my bathroom. I like its tea tree properties since I think it keeps my skin acne free. I use two pumps of product mix it with a bit of water and clean my face with it. It is great at removing my make up but it doesn't completely strip my skin. Plus it is on cheaper side  ;) Double win.

Batiste makes some of my favorite dry shampoos. This time around I used sweet & delicious Sweetie dry shampoo. As the name implies it does smell sweet and candy like but I didn't mind it, actually I wore it also as a perfume. Whenever I used it I skipped on my actual perfume because of its heavy fragrance, I honestly didn't need anything else. My favorite is still the Peony scent but this one comes close, I think there are some other versions that I would like to try next (anything but the Voluminous or Tropical ones since those two scents didn't suit me at all)

Second to last is this old bottle of Essence studio nails pro white glow base coat. It was slightly pink toned to help cover the yellow stained nails. The effect was so minimal that I don't think it was even worth it plus I never wear only clear nail polish so why I purchased it is still beyond me and this was actually the second bottle of it. In the future I think I will avoid tinted nail varnishes which promise covering the stained look simply because I don't need it.

The very last item is my beloved Catrice all matte plus shine control powder in Transparent shade. This is my third? one I think. It is very nice. It doesn't keep me matte for hours but what sets it apart is the fact that when I use it in the middle of the day (powdering my already oily face) it doesn't look all cakey or weird but it looks refreshed and matte, almost as if I redid my make-up. That is why I like it and the fact that it comes cheap helps a lot because I go through it quite fast, especially now in the hot Summer. I keep one more at work and then I'm out. I will try to use what I already have (Rimmel super famous powder and Maybelline fit me are already waiting to be used and I can't wait to see how they compare) and if they won't work I'm buying the Catrice one soon.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

29 July 2019

Project Polish


I have to pat myself on the back because my project polish is going really well. I'm almost at my goal which I set myself at the beginning of the year and it took me only half of the year to reach it (I need three more bottles to be finished to reach 20).

Yep, the cap on this Catrice Mint me up bottle is missing. I remember my sister gave me this polish soon after it came out and the first time I opened it up the cap broke so I pour it into another clean bottle but I decided to keep the original just to remind myself what an incredible Hulk I am I guess ;)  The color was a beautiful fresh mint with unusual golden sheen. I loved it.

Essence released this one, What a Grey't night, in 2015 as part of their advent calendar (I still have some more bottles to go through) and this shade really was one of my favorites. Light grey with golden shift? Count me in. The golden sheen was very similar to the Mint me up and in both shades it was unexpected and something special. This was another of my favorites.

The last one is another discontinued hue but this time from Avon speed dry line. They recently revamped this line and it is now called Pro colour 60 sec and it also promises long lasting effect and rapid drying time. Some of the shades also look very similar but I don't think they have the exact same one as this Pronto Purple hue. It doesn't look like much but on the nails it is so vibrant and it makes me happy. This is another one of my favorites and I will miss it.

On the mint one I just couldn't catch the shimmer but I think you can catch a glimpse one the grey one. All of the shades were super pretty and the first two I finished up completely while I have to part with the Pronto Purple shade because it become all goopey and therefore unusable.
I also love how all of them look together and I wish I would have enough courage to wear the mint and purple together...

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

28 July 2019

new Catrice products


Catrice has just bring out a whole bunch of new products. Some had to say goodbye (as always) to make room for the new stuff. I was fortunate enough to receive a package with the new goodies.

Eyeconista is already well established mascara in Catrice range but this time around they introduced the waterproof version. I have not tried the 'regular' one yet so I decided to give the waterproof version a chance.

I'm almost out of my nail serum so this new nail oil will come super handy for my cuticles and nails. I have not tried it properly but it smells really nice.

Next in a lovey pink gold reflective packaging is their new color changing lipstick (lip balm?) lip colour intensifier with a bright coral hue, golden shimmer and not forget the amazing peach scent. I have not tried it out jet but I'm very excited. It is named One gold fits all (so far the only shade).

The last item is one of the new gold effect nail varnishes. I'm in love with sparkly nails so this entire collection is right up my alley. I received the shade called Fascinating Grace. Light and neutral but sparkly enough to get the attention it deserves.

I just picked up the package so I haven't got a chance to play with the products jet but I will soon and more in depth reviews will follow.

Thank you Catrice for sending me these products.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

18 July 2019

Nude Sapphire


recent announcement from the brand that they will add more shades to this range inspired me to finally post my opinion of the product. Lately I have been very lazy and I have been slacking but when it comes to these amazing little products I feel like I have to spread the good word so people will know and try them out.

I'm referring to this Catrice Generation Plump & Shine lip gloss in the shade Nude Sapphire. I was super excited to receive it from the PR team and honestly I still am.

The doe foot applicator is standard and it carries plenty of product. It has a very faint cookie scent and I'm fine with it. I mean, I wouldn't be mad if the scent would be more intense but I guess less scented stuff appeal more people so they did a compromise.

I received it shortly after receiving one of the L.O.V. glosses and before that it wasn't too long since I purchase one myself. Quite quickly I ended up with three very similar nude glosses and while they look super similar in the packaging...

Here I think that the difference among the three of them is pretty clear. L.O.V. Lovicious caring volume lip gloss in Mystic Sand is lighter nude with peach tones, Addicting Rosewood also from the same L.O.V. line is darker more rose toned while the Catrice one looks more pink toned. Honestly the Nude Sapphire shade looks the most natural and therefore the most flattering on me (I'm eyeing also the coral and the pink shades). This formula is super comfortable and nourishing, I haven't experience any dryness while wearing it. It isn't sticky or gummy on the lips and if I tell you that I have already used up around one quarter of this product...
All in all I don't think I could decide which formula I prefer but since I can't get my hands on L.O.V. products anymore the answer is pretty clear. You can expect more Catrice glosses on my blog :)
P.S. They are about to launch three shimmery shades but I haven't made my mind jet, in essence I don't love shimmery lip products but since the formula is soo good...

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

17 July 2019

Warm Glow bronzer


Summer is in full swing so it is only appropriate to expose some bronzers. I personally love wearing it all year round but only on my cheeks, I'm too scared to look muddy or dirty if I would use it all over my face. My love for bronzers is so high that it is so hard to resist and I keep buying more. My last bronzer purchase is ths one from The Body Shop.

It is from The Body Shop Baked to last line and my shade is Warm Glow (there is even darker hue available).

I'm a sucker for anything marbled and bronzey so this was an obvious purchase for me.
It looks quite shimmery and the lady working there said that the glitter particles mostly fall off, that is only half true. There are still some shiny bits left but not as many as you wold expect.
The shine didn't bother me but I was a bit scared of the orange hue, I swear that in the store it looked more muted.

Here I have swatched the Warm Glow in the middle and you can see just how orange it pulls ( a little too much for my liking especially compared with other bronzers in my collection which have other, more natural looking undertones for my skin tone).

First swatch here was made with Essence Mosaic compact powder in Sunkissed Beauty which also has some shimmering bits but compared with the TBS one looks matte and more peach toned. I also had to layer it to even show it on my skin, it is very light and perfect for pale complexions because it layers nicely and rarely looks too heavy. In my opinion the lighter pigmentation means that you just can't go wrong ;)  and it is one of my favorites.
Second, middle shade is TBS Warm Glow.
And the last stripe is my beloved Catrice Light Spectrum Strobing Brick in Brown Brilliance. This tone is everything. Do you see how much more brown it is? No orange tones present? I love that and it is a shame that more bronzers don't look like that.

I think it is pretty obvious that I'm not going to keep Warm Glow. It is almost too glittery even for me but the most important aspect is the tone and it is just too warm for me. It doesn't look natural  on my cheeks so instead of keeping it I decided to pass it on to someone who will love it more and I will use the ones that I truly enjoy wearing.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day