13 December 2017

I care for you, Honey, First help Pinky and SOS, my heart


this post is long overdue. I bought these products back in August and and I'm almost done with one of them but I haven't talked about them jet.

They are the fabulous Essence prettifying lip oils in I care for you, Honey, First help Pinky and SOS, my heart.

They only carry 4 ml of product but the Catrice ones were even smaller, just 3 ml. They have the regular lip gloss dove foot applicator but it works because oils are a little more liquid than glosses.

As you can see they aren't very pigmented, in fact on the lips they don't even show up. No matter the shade my lips look juicy and shiny without any color. Even after a whole day of wearing them they leave no tint behind. The scent is very fruity and candy like and I'm loving it (the Catrice ones were supposed to be scented but weren't really), they also lasts longer but aren't as moisturizing as the ones from the sister brand.
For me they are very close but for an everyday wear I prefer the Essence prettifying oils but if my lips feel dry and are chapped then I reach for the Catrice ones. I think it is a shame that they discontinued them because they were both so very good but they had them in this everything matte era so I guess a lot of people overlooked them. I can only pray that people and brands will come around and started to enjoy glossy lip again as much as I do.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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