29 October 2017

New in


a little shopping has been made. I had some discounts and I just take advantage of it, I feel no regrets about it and if you would ask me if I really needed two new highlighters, my answer would be yes, I did.

I have nothing from Sante so I took a look at their stand and saw a beautiful blush but I resisted, instead I swatched two of their beautifying highlighters and decided to get the beige one called Nude (they also have the more pink version of it).

Next is Terra Naturi highlighter. I already have and adore the shade Golden Highlight (everyone's favorite including myself) but when I was googling I saw that there was another, darker shade available and how surprised I was when it suddenly appeared in the store. This oddly looking one is called African dream and I'm so very excited to start playing with it.

Next are the two Catrice Camouflage concealers which are backups already. The liquid one is a different shade though, the one above is Porcelain (the one that I'm using right now is Light Beige and it is a little light for me, I use it under my eyes to brighten them up but I can't use it all over my face) and I hope it will be a little darker so it will match me perfectly and I will be able to use it all over my face. Cream concealer is perfect but a little heavy in the cooler months so I use liquid one under my eyes and cream all over my face and the shade Ivory matches me and since my pot is nearly done I bought myself a backup.

The last item is Neutrogena visibly clear oil free face cream. I used up two or three tubes of it already (you will see the empty one in my empties) and when I went to the store I couldn't find it anywhere instead I saw this one. The tube is slightly different color and all in German but I hope it is the same product inside because that cream really suited me and I will be bummed if they changed the formula.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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