27 February 2018

Project Polish


last month I didn't post anything under my project polish because I had nothing to show you but I'm still loving the challenge so I wanted to continue with knocking bottles out of my stash ether by using them up or tossing oldies that I never use.

This time there are six 'solders', none of them is completely used up but there are other reasons why I decided to part with them.

First we have Essence Yes, we pop! TE nail polish in the shade Grab this Hype. It started to separate and crack inside the bottle so it is unusable but such a shame because I love this bright and cheerful color. I need to find something similar in the store.

Next is another love but this time from Catrice and it is called Purplelized. This purple with shimmer screams Autumn in my opinion but sadly it is completely dry and therefore unusable. You can see this beauty here. If I could repurchase it I would in a heartbeat.

Next we have another TE from Essence and it is from Hidden Stories collection in the shade Enter Wonderland. I wanted almost white polish and this one was almost perfect because it is not stark white but matte formula makes it so very hard to apply that I probably only used it once and never again. It started to separate so I'm tossing it.

This is my only Models Own bottle and it was part of a swap. It is in the shade Utopia, light lilac but pastels are so hard to apply and this one is not an exception. I also probably only used it once and never again, it is just too much of a hassle for me.

The last two are a complete disappointments from the professional brand LCN. The green one is named New York Beat and the grey is Tokyo Expression. In general nice cream colors but they don't dry, well I only tried them in April in 2016 and then I never touched them again. Two years later I decided that it is time to let them go... into the trash bin.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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