25 February 2018

Love and Care/Time for Romance


I haven't done this type of post in a really long time. I'm still painting my nails regularly but I just never find the time or the right light to take photos. I decided to use this Essence nail polish that is getting out of production just to show you how lovely it is and that it is worth grabbing it before it is gone.

Last year Essence came out with this Glow & Care line and I received one shade, Love and Care. It is not my favorite shade but it pairs so well with my favorite glitter top coat, Time for Romance, that I don't care. Sadly they already discontinued this one long time ago but if you have it play with it because it is gorgeous (if you are wondering how the hell this could be my favorite one if there is barely any usage seen, I have used up one bottle of it already and this is my backup).

I think they pair so well together no matter if I cover the base color with the glitter completely or try the gradient as I did on my ring finger (the first on the photo).
I love the formula of the Glow & Care nail varnish and when I saw all of the shades being on sale I had to take a look but none of the shades appeal to me so I left them in the store. I already have way too many bottles so I try to be picky.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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