14 February 2018



it is already the middle of this shorter month and it is time for my empties.

I will start with Afrodota's Cosmetics Hydra Patch eye cream. I wanted to get the Hydra Thermal one that I had before but I couldn't find it so I thought that this one is the replacement but it isn't. It had that 'normal' cream consistency which absorbed fast enough but the Hydra Thermal was more of a gel consistency and had a pump. It also worked much better, my skin around my eyes felt plumped and little lines weren't as visible but when I was using this one in a tube, my skin looked the same. I haven't noticed any difference so I won't repurchase it again.

Another Afrodita's Cosmetics product is this grape seed hand cream. I don't like their hand cream formula as they are too greasy for me but this scent is divine and I have one backup left. I used this one at work with a little help from my coworkers.

Fruttini made this gorgeous Ginger and Passion fruit body lotion, the consistency was milky and it absorbed fast. It was moisturizing but nothing too spectacular but the scent is a whole new level. I loved this strong, rich and very authentic passion fruit scent and I already miss it. I went to the store only to discover that they repackaged their products and this scent isn't available anymore  :(

Bright red gloss in a tube is Avon Ultra Shiny Tubes in Apple Red lip gloss. They are some of my favorite glosses ever but this one is so very old that it went bad. This is my sixth one and I have one more left (it isn't that old but I will make a point in using it up this  year). This shade is still available in the new Mark packaging and I assume it still looks the same. It is very pigmented and juicy red gloss, you have to be careful not to apply too much 'cuz it can start dripping otherwise it looks amazing on the lips.

Avon Care gentle moisture body wash with oatmeal and chamomile extract. It smelled like warm cream if that makes sense. Very unisex and I think a lot of people would find it relaxing and comforting, it was a proper cream texture but I think it managed to wash my body nicely and afterward my skin didn't feel tight but I'm just so used to apply some kind of moisturizer that I couldn't test its nourishing properties properly. Would I repurchase it again? I don't know, it was nice but nothing exceptional.

Second to last item is my beloved Essence all about matt fixing powder. I went through countless of pots and I thought that I will never find anything better or cheaper but I did. It is from Catrice and it is also a matte powder but it costs slightly more but on the other hand it is not so powdery and I think it will last me longer so I'm replacing this Essence one with Catrice powder.

The very last one is from Isadora and it is their Toffee moisturizing lip gloss. I had a little sample of it and it was lovely. When I saw they had fifty percent off I snatched it and kept it sealed for at least four years and when I started to use it not so long ago it felt weird and the taste was plastic-y so I think it is gone. It is such a shame because I have never spent that much on a gloss (I don't remember the exact price but I know I payed more than 10 € for it, lesson learned). This year will be the year of glosses for me, I will try to go through as many as possible and at the same time buy as little as I can.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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