18 February 2018

Fade to Black


I know, I know, I'm late to the game but this beautiful product deserves some light on here and if you are lucky you can maybe still find it in some remote stores.

It is Trend it Up Fade to Black multi blush in the shade 020 (to me it is more of a bronzer and the other shade was more 'typical' blush with rose stripes).

Maybe on the first glance it doesn't look so bronze-y but wait for the swatch photos below.

First two shades are more cool toned and the bottom ones are warmer plus the bottom one has some almost chunky glitter that made me worry.

Here they are swatched, all four in a row.

First white has shimmer and is very strong, think of a inner corner highlighter.
Second more cool toned and light grey has sateen finish.

Third is warmer and has similar sateen finish.
Fourth is at least for my skin tone very dark and extra glittery, it made me worry if it won't be too much for the cheeks but...
The last swatch shows all three shades mixed together and the shade is perfect. It is dark enough to define but not too dark to look unnatural. Glitter and intense shimmer disappear but instead all I can see is a beautiful sheen.

If you compare it to the last individual shade the mixed one has more subtle shine and looks very lovely. Not too warm and definitely not orange. That one makes one of my favorite bronzer shades in my collection.

If I swirl my big cheek brush in there I have to be careful to mix all the shades together to get that beautiful uniform shade on both sides but it also has a major powder kick off and if I'm not being careful it can fly all over me. The shades are so very soft that you have to use the softest brush ever and even then the powder will fly away. The other way is to use it as an eye shadows and when I do that I make sure that I use flat brush and just swipe it and that creates the least amount of kick off.

This product is not ideal but the shades are so pretty, individually or together that I don't mind. I will use it a lot.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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