24 February 2018

Nobody is perfect, but I'm not nobody!


for today's cloudy day I decided to talk about a product that was sent to me but regardless of that I think I would purchase it anyways. My skin is oily, now when the weather is cooler I start the day with almost dry or at least normal skin but through the day I start to be shiny and a powder is almost a must for me. I liked the Essence matte powder but I have found the Catrice matte one that I think it works even better so I wanted to put this limited edition one to the test to see which one is better for me.

Essence has this TE out right now and it is called For Boys and Girls and I think that the packaging is super cool. This is their mattifying & fixing powder in Nobody is perfect, but I'm not nobody! (they only have one pale shade).

Inside there is a nice mirror (so very convenient for on the go) and a puff which really packs the product on and it pushes it into the skin so the face looks airbrushed but if you have lumps and bumps like I do then it kind of defeats the purpose.
The shade is very light and a little yellow toned, I tried to swatch it but it doesn't show on my pale skin tone, however when I would use the complementary puff and press it in some of the powder would stick to my small facial hair aka. peach fuzz and make it even more obvious so I had to use brush to dust it away (all of a sudden not so practical).
For me this powder is a heavy lifter, it instantly removes all the oils and makes my skin extra matte but it also has its downsides. It looks unnatural and cakey when I put it on, after an hour or so when my natural oils are trying to break free my make-up started to crack really badly. I don't mind if the powder doesn't keep me oil free all day if I can reapply and it will look fresh, then I think it's okay. This looked to heavy on my skin when I would apply it and even after a while it didn't start to look better but rather worst.
I wanted to like it so badly, not only because it was sent to me but also because Essence powders works for me and the packaging looks so stunning. Unfortunately I have to report that I will declutter it and I will rather use my beloved Catrice one.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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