15 March 2016

Volcanic Iceland


I promise today I will be super short. I go through body moisturizers pretty fast, usually three or four weeks are enough to clear one out and sometimes I mix them with oil and at the end of the year I can count up to 15/16 empty bottles.

Avon Planet SPA Volcanic Iceland moisturizing body souffle

My latest is from Avon, their Planet SPA line and it is called Volcanic Iceland moisturizing body souffle. It has different formula than the rest of them but it is stated on the pot that it is souffle not butter. It is really soft and buttery. The scent is pure and masculine, I think it would be nice for men as well but when you scoop it out and start massaging it into your body you can see it has pearly finish, it is not super obvious but I don't know if men would enjoy that. I like it and especially I love how soft my skin feels afterwards.
I give two thumbs up for this guy because I like the fresh scent, fast absorption and silky feeling.

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