12 December 2015

Peachy Rose swatch


today I'm also skipping NOTD post simply because I don't have time to switch my nail polish color. I started with a new job and I'm adjusting to the new timeline. Still I have super exciting product for you. I wanted to try something from the new H&M beauty line and my sister surprised me with a blush. I've been wearing it a lot and now I feel I can share my thoughts about it.

H&M beauty Pure velvet cream blusher Peachy Rose

This is how the box looks like and I think I don't need to explain to much that I kept the box. It looks luxurious and makes me happy to open up the drawl and see it even though I don't keep the product inside.

H&M beauty Pure velvet cream blusher Peachy Rose

This is the actual packaging. White hexagonal with golden logo (it is my favorite color combo on make-up products). All of the cream blushers comes in white and the powder blushes are housed in black packaging.

H&M beauty Pure velvet cream blusher Peachy Rose

I have to give my sister a high five to choose probably the best shade that exist for my skin type. It is called Peachy Rose and it is definitely rosy with just a hint of peach undertones (my favorite are actually peachy or coral blushes but this dusty color totally got me). It is crazy pigmented but so easy to blend out, even a total beginner could do it (I'm a total rookie when it comes to blushes and I find it super easy to work with it). 

H&M beauty Pure velvet cream blusher Peachy Rose swatch

This is rather heavy swatch on the back of my hand, you can see the beautiful color better. It doesn't have any glitter or shimmer particles but it has this glow, probably because of its structure-creaminess. I swirl my finger in it and dot it on my cheeks than blend them out with patting. I only use my fingers because I'm just used to do most of my make-up like that. My fingers are my personal brushes. 

I got into blushes a month or two ago, before I never wore it. I even didn't know where exactly to apply it but now I got so much joy and bought or got 6 different blushes on a whim. This one sky rocked to the top pretty much the first time I used it. Partially because of the color and second even bigger reason is because it is so damn easy to use it and it blends so effortlessly plus it does last all day long.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 

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