18 December 2015

Chemical scrub


today I will introduce you my favorite type of scrubs. We all know mechanical scrubs which contains sharp particles that exfoliate our face but there are also chemical ones that contains enzymes which are causing chemical reactions and are exfoliating without rough particles. They contain fruit enzymes, naturally we can find them in papaya fruit (I have jet to try this home made recipe where you make a mush out of papaya and apply it to the skin to exfoliate it naturally).

Balea's Enzyme peeling

I was also too lazy to make it my own so I went to the store and bough it. This is Balea's Enzyme peeling. A year or two ago they had it in different packaging (white and pink with a lady on the front, I loved that one and repurchased it several times). Apparently this is the new version and so I bought it. It still smells fruity and nice. The texture is very creamy and it is quite easy to disperse it all over. I leave it on for 5 minutes as recommended and then I rinse it off. My skin is a bit red because it is super sensitive but redness calm down after a while. My complaint is that this doesn't work. My skin doesn't feel scrubbed or baby soft. It feels like I haven't done anything. It was cheap but I still feel like I thrown my money away.

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