06 December 2015

It's time for Brunch


I have long overdue product to show you today. It has been over a month since I got it and start playing with it. I can say I test it properly and I made my mind.

Missha Eye Fit Stick Shadow Brunch Day

This is  Missha Eye Fit Stick Shadow in a shade Brunch Day. I am looking for a particular shade, actually color wise dupe for a specific Avon pencil but it is so special that I just can't find anything even remotely similar. This one is not an exception but the color is still nice.

Missha Eye Fit Stick Shadow Brunch Day swatch

It is coppery gold shade with some orange-y undertones. It looks very warm on the eyes. I like the slightly metallic finish but it also has some large chunks of glitter, they don't transfer much but still I would prefer it without them. I tried it without a primer and it creased (I have super duper oily lids), next I tried it with my favorite primer and it also creased not as fast but after five hours it wasn't perfect anymore.

I do like the packaging. It comes in a sleek black pencil coat and at the end the plastic is colored to match the product inside, so if you own more than one you can easily spot the right one if you store them upside down. The pencil itself is chunky and easy to apply and since it is big, two or three swipes over your lids and you are good to go (I like to bled the edges a bit with my finger so they aren't as harsh). 

The color is lovely if you like warm neutrals, it comes with some bigger sized glitters in it which I'm not a fan of but the biggest drawback for me is that it doesn't stay put long enough. I will still wear it but probably on lazier days when I don't require from make-up to stay all day. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 

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