24 June 2016

Warm Coral


we are having such a nice sunny days and I felt the need to continue with this theme on the blog as well. Let's dive into the Summer with some more glowing products.

Avon Glow bronzing pearls Warm Coral

Avon really prepared a nice treat for us with this years Glow collection. Today I want to show you bronzing pearls in Warm Coral. The packaging is really nice, I remember these pearls used to come in huge pots but they minimized them and made them easier to travel with.

Avon Glow bronzing pearls Warm Coral

This is how they look like. You can spot three different colors in there and what surprised me is how little pearls is in there. They cover the bottom and it looks like they tossed just a couple on top, you don't even get two full rows of pearls. A little disappointing but then again, will I be able to finish them up this Summer? Probably not.

I thought it would be fun to swatch all three colors separately and on the last, fourth swatch you can see all of the colors mixed together.
The lightest shade is very shimmery and yellow toned cream color.
Next is the bright coral shade which also contains some shimmer.
Last is the warm toned brown with no shimmer.
All together give warm bronze shade with a sateen glow, I don't know where the shimmer went but it is not seen on the skin.When it is applied on the cheeks it just shines from within. I wish it would be a little less warm but still, it is a beautiful shade.

Here you can maybe see the mixed colors better and also the lack of shimmer. They are very pigmented and it is very easy to overdo the color, so I have to be very careful.
This is my very first bronzer and I'm very happy with it. I love the glow it gives to my cheeks and the color is really lovely, when I use it on my face I try to use very light hand so in person isn't as orange and unnatural looking. For me it also works as a nice eye shadow and I like how it works against my blue eyes and at the same time it also doesn't look like I'm wearing to much make-up because the color is the same on the eyes and on the cheeks. I like that, sometimes I use the same lipstick on the lips and on the cheeks or at least use something very close in terms of color.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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