11 June 2016

Anew Vitale BB cream


I have been using this product a day short from a whole week but still, I have reached my verdict.

This is Avon's renewed BB cream from Anew Vitale line. It says it visible perfects skin and it has SPF 20. It comes in a nice 30 ml pink tube.

The product itself is of nice consistency, not to thick or to liquid, just right. There is the only shade available and thankfully it is very light and more or less neutral toned.

Here you can maybe see better the tone and consistency. It has a slight scent which reminds me of nature after rain, very pleasant but also very faint. You have nothing to worry about if you are scent sensitive.

When you start blending it it looks more dewy as you would think and also it has silicon-y feeling (it does contain silicone). It fills up my pores and actually perfects my skin. It blurs imperfections but the coverage is very low so it isn't able to cover much just evens everything out.

After a minute or two you can see that my right side of the hand (closer to my thumb) isn't as glowy as it was on the upper photo. The shine goes away, not completely but it looks pretty natural and nice.

Here you can barely detect it on my skin, it really blends in very nicely. After doing this hand test I was super excited to try it on  my face. First of all, my face is more of a yellow toned so the undertone wasn't a perfect match but I blended it down my neck and it wasn't really obvious. My pores and redness were blurred but bigger imperfections were still obvious. For me the concealer was a must, thankfully it blended in nicely. As the last thing I would like to point out that it didn't set in my fine lines, I packed it under my eyes and nothing happened. In my deeper smile lines around my mouth it did settled a little bit but nothing major.
All in all, they made a really good job at Avon with this BB cream, the only thing I wish they would improve is coverage but it is easily fixable with a help from a concealer.
Oh, I almost forgot about the staying power. I have oily skin and this baby hold on for around 6-7 hours, not ideal but still good for such a lightweight BB cream. Usually something so light and almost invisible on the skin disappears much faster, my natural oils break through and makes a mess after an hour or two so, this is impressive.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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