16 February 2016

Afrodita's grape seed oil hand cream


I recently bought Afrodita's set of nail polish remover and hand cream. I started using the cream and I have some mixed feelings about it. My dad is using the olive one and he loves it (he's already on his second tube) so I kind of had high hopes for this one.
This is Afrodita Aroma anti-age hand cream with grape seed oil and vitamin C. The scent takes me back to Elementary school. I remember that one girl had this cream and whenever she took it out of her bag and opened it up the whole classroom smelled so good. We were passing it by and everyone was moisturising with it. This seriously smells so good. Did you ever picked grapes in a vineyard? When you sniff grape you can't detect it but when you are in a room with a lot of grape you can detect it. It is overwhelming and relaxing, it is definitely not the same as wine in a glass. If I could I would bath in this scent, I would make spray version and spritz it all over me and my flat. It is so good.

Afrodita Aroma anti-age hand cream with grape seed oil and vitamin C

So, I think I covered the scent part and now I will move to the texture and moisturising properties. The texture I would say is a bit silicone-y. I have to apply the tiniest amount and rub between my hands so it absorbs and I don't end up with greasy hands. If I apply too much (it is quickly too much) it just sits on top and I can't touch anything without leaving my fingertips everywhere.
So applying little by little is the right way to go with this hand cream. I have been using it for the past five days and I also noticed that when I wash my hands an hour or two after applying it it washes right off. This makes me think that it doesn't fully absorb but just sits and waits. Wait for what? To get rinsed off?
My hands are more dry compared to last week and my conclusion is that this is just not moisturising enough for me. The cream does not absorb completely and it doesn't work for me.
Will I repurchase it? The expected answer would be no, because it does not do what it supposed to do but did you noticed how much time it took me to describe the amazing scent? I won't use this as a hand cream but rather as a scented cream and I will use it instead of parfum. So maybe in the future I will repurchase it but only because of the scent.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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