19 February 2016

Absolutely Nude


for this year I decided that I will really try to use this palette as much as possible because I have two of them. My lovely sister found it in the store and got one for me and one backup for herself and at the same time I bought one before it was gone. So now we both have two  ;)

Catrice Absolute Nude palette

This is how it looks Catrice Absolute Nude palette, with all neutral cream and brown shades with one khaki shade thrown in the mix.

Catrice Absolute Nude palette

The first one is almost a metallic cream shade perfect as an inner corner highlighter which I think is best applied with the sponge tip applicator that comes with it. At first it looks like it is cream eye shadow but it is not, I have to say that the texture is weird but in a good way.
The second shade barely shows up on my skin, all I can see is shimmer. I'm not to crazy about it but I can see myself using it all over the lid for a super light make-up.
At first I didn't liked to much the third shade but then I figure it out that it is perfect for the crease and since then I always use it when I pick up this palette.
The fourth shade is a bit unexpected because it is khaki/gold shade but it fits so beautiful in it and I adore it as an all over the lid shade. This one in my opinion makes this whole palette so great.
The last two shades are dark brown, one is a bit more shimmery and chalkier also the tones are slightly different but when I put them on I can't really see the difference. I use them to smoke out the top and bottom lash line for anything else are too dark. I don't like too dark eye looks on myself.
If I could restyle this palette I would leave out the shimmery second shade and one of the dark ones at the end, I only need one of them but otherwise I really like it and I will use it with joy.

For this year I decided I will try to use around half of this palette so I can finish it next year since I have two of them.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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