31 March 2020



a lot has been going on lately and even though I still go to work I like to take time to just unplug and think about 'light' subjects such as make-up and cosmetics. It might look shallow but for me it is a stress relief and keeps me busy so I don't constantly think about what is going on in the world.
More than anytime I'm motivated to clean up and use what I already have, instead of shopping which is at the minimum and reduced to only food.
It is the end of the month and here are my empties for the last portion of March.

Catrice vitamin lip treatment in Born to be Wild-berry and Bohemian Raspberry, are my last two glosses from this lovely line. Slightly red tinted, just enough to make my lips healthy looking, glossy and juicy plus with a lovely Watermelon scent. I could not wish for anything more. I wish they will eventually bring them back or at least something similar because they were amazing.

Next is Catrice Dewy-ful lips, conditioning lip butte with shea butter in the shade Be You! Dew You!. I recently talked about it and I said that the shade is slightly too light for my liking but what really bothered me was a weird artificial scant that I couldn't bear. I kept it for a little while but I couldn't bring myself to wear it so I guess the only reasonable thing to do is to throw it away.

Last one is Rimmel London Oh my Gloss! with the name Ooh La La. It is bright red with pink undertone which also leaves lovely tint. The other day I wanted to use it but the scent turned and I'm pretty sure that it went bad so I'm throwing it into the trash.

Here I have Balea Raspberry and Rose body wash. I think this was a limited edition scent because when I picked it up (last year in Autumn) it was in the process of being discontinued and I managed to get two bottles of it. I will admit that the cute pug got my attention but upon smelling it I just knew I have to have it. There is something magical about Rose or Peony mixed with Raspberry in my opinion. To me this scent is absolutely intoxicating and if it would still be available I would get some more bottles of it.

Next is another body wash but with a different texture and it is Dove shower mousse with Rose oil. I also purcahsed it last year alongside with the Argan one. You see, my sister loves shower foams and I got it for her but since I was so curious I wanted one for myself. She is not too keen on Rose so I kept this one and it felt luxurious. The scent was light and the foam was extra thick. I absolutely love this formula and after the whole situation calms down and I will be in need for body washes I will see if they still have them.

The very last item is this little Nivea Soft multipurpose hydrating cream that I received in Advent calendar a couple of years ago. It is scentless and I used it all over my body,even on my face in the evening and my face didn't protest. The texture is light and it absorbs fast, in the future I can see myself repurchasing it again.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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