27 March 2020

Crystal Dreams


a while ago Essence PR team has sent me some items from Crystal dreams collection and this palette was one of the two items that were sent to me (the other one was the lavender hued highlighter).

Essence came out with this line in the Winter time called Crystal Dreams and I have this lovely looking eye shadow palette with eleven different shadows.

It contains quite a lot of shades and sometimes I had hard time picking just a few to do my look of the day. I have noticed that with palettes that I'm very indecisive.

There are three matte shades included the rest are shimmery or even glittery.
The color selection seems like something for the Summer but they decided to bring some colors to the Winter time which seems like a nice decision and an interesting turn.

Immediately I have noticed that some shades don't swatch that well, they look a bit less pigmented or the shimmer just doesn't translate onto the skin.
I swatch them top, bottom, middle and repeat.

First shade is deeper berry color and for me very unusual but I paired it with a neutral brown and it didn't look that bad or out of my comfort zone. I did noticed that it wasn't so glittery on my skin as it looked in the pan.
Shade underneath is more of a pastel pink with shimmer and that one I had to pack on and it looked almost matte.
Middle shade is more rose toned but it looked very similar to the previous shade except this one had more shine on my skin.
Fourth shade (second in the top row) is a big departure from the past shades and it is a very warm orange toned almost glittery shade. I normally don't like such warm shades but just for the fun I wore it and this one did perform quite nicely, it was one of the more pigmented in the palette.
Shade on the bottom is one of my favorite from this palette and it is a pale gold (it is the kind of gold that I like, not too yellow and shiny).

Middle shade in the palette is barely seen on my skin (on my lids it was a bit more noticeable because my skin is even lighter) but this one was my favorite. I absolutely love the peachy tone of it. It is completely matte and a bit powdery so a good tap was necessary unless you end up with powder all over your cheeks.
Next to it is the most neutral toned brown in the palette but on my skin it still manged to look warm and it had a bit of a sheen so it didn't look completely flat. This was one of my favorites.
On the bottom is slightly warmer and more orange toned version with the same finish.
This deepest brow is another full on matte shade that I mostly used to deepen and intensify but the more I tried to blend it in it almost completely disappear and I was just adding more and more. This one had one of the poorest performance in the collection.
The last one on the top was more yellow toned glitter shade and completely out of my comfort zone, I tried to wear it but I felt a bit weird, the shade just didn't suit me.
The very last one is another matte (one out of the three) and I had the same issue with it as with the dark matte brown, it blended into nothing so packing it on was crucial.

This palette was a disappointment even for me, why I say even for me? Normally I prefer lighter tones and if people are complaining about poor performance and shades having low pigmentation then usually is just right for me  ;) with this one however even I couldn't cope.
I recently received another palette from Essence and I have high hopes for that one (I haven't touched it jet so I can't give any spoilers) fingers crossed that the new one will revive my hope into Essence shadows.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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