13 August 2018

030 Periwinkle


I had my eye on this nail polish ever since I saw this collection online. I patiently waited for it to come into our stores and bought it immediately. It is this bright color that makes me so very happy and I'm glad that the formula is nice as well.

It is Trend it up nail varnish from their Electric Valley LE in the shade 030. It is my very first nail polish from them so I had no idea what to expect in terms of formula.

It is bright periwinkle blue which in certain light leans towards lavender. It never crosses that line but it gets close (I think that the photo with the bottle is the most realistic one).

I also love the white flakes that are dispensed in the base. They are not shiny on the Sun but gives you that underwater/vacation vibe, at least for me it does. So not only the color impresses me it is also the particles that makes it stand out.
The formula is a bit more liquid (hence the poured cuticles on my ring finger) but it lasted for quite some time. I did got tip wear the next day but that happens with pretty much every nail polish because I  use my nails to type and not the fingertips.

This 11 ml bottle will last me for a really long time but that is great since I was on a hunt for such a lovely periwinkle shade ever since I used up Essence Forget me not nail varnish two years ago. It was a long search  ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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