15 August 2018



this time I feel like I don't have that many empties as usually but some of them took me a long time to get through so I'm glad that I can finally trash them.

First is the Aveo Lotus nail polish remover. It is very cheap and it does its job. I already bought new bottle in a different 'scent'.

Himalaya purifying neem foaming face wash is my favorite face wash. This is the third bottle that I went through and I will definitely repurchase it again but for now I have some other bottles that I need to use up.

The next product has been in my stash for years. I remember also buying the lotion which was used up shortly after buying it but the wash stayed hidden for so long. It is Avon Skin So Soft body wash with watermint. It smelled nicely refreshing but not as minty as I would like. The texture was a smidge too watery for me so whenever I used it I pour way too much. I had it for less than a month and it was gone too soon.

Hawaiian Tropic makes wonderfully scented sun lotions. I used up this Silk Hydration face protective sun lotion with 30 SPF. It was too greasy for my face so I never really use it and I just let it sit in my drawl until this year. I used it as a 'regular' lotion on my arms because of the delicious coconut scent but on top I would always apply something with an unexpired SPF. In the future I am interested to buy more body sun protection from them but only on sale because they are a bit more expensive than the recently reviewed Sun Dance brand.

Figs & Rouge Rambling Rose multipurpose balm is the little pot in front. I had two other scents which I purchase at the same time and I wish I didn't. They are simply not moisturizing enough for me. I would use them at night and in the morning my lips would be dry and in desperate need of moisture. I should just toss it right away but I can't prepare myself to throw products away just like that. I did like the Rose scent but that was all that I liked.

The very last item is this huge 700 ml bottle of Avon naturals full volume Raspberry and Hibiscus shampoo. It used to be my favorite because not only it smells fresh like Raspberries but it also made my hair smooth, voluminous and a bit textured (my natural hair state is flat and straight). This time I didn't noticed any of it and I even had a feeling like it didn't cleansed them completely. I am very disappointed and I won't repurchase it any time soon maybe next year I will try it again but I will definitely get the smaller bottle first.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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