31 August 2018



I keep myself really busy lately and I don't have too much time to spare but I'm still taking care of myself and have some empties to show it to you before I take them to the bin.

I will start with two lip glosses. The Catrice Alluring Reds Moulin's Rouge gloss was fantastic, this formula was one of my favorite (this is a limited edition shade but the formula is the same as it was on their shine appeal liquid lipsticks). Pigmented and very glossy, just the way I like it. Also this 'soft' red shade was great.

Next one is Avon's ultra glazewear absolute gloss in the shade Renewing Rose (my second tube of it). This soft mauve shade worked with my naturally pigmented lips really well and the formula is another of my favorites. I'm happy that I have another backup somewhere but I will have to start wearing it ASAP because I'm too scared that it might go bad.

I was super curious about this new line of Lush face masks so I bought The birth of Venus jelly mask. The guy helped me out and recommended me this one for the oily skin. It comes like a nice, smooth jelly but you have to cut it (I just used my nails to get it out) that is why it looks like rabbits nib on it ;) This formula is so weird and I couldn't get used to it. The instructions said that you take a little piece and mix it with some water and it should emulsify and create paste/foam to massage your face with it. Well, I did everything but this jelly just didn't want to dissolve and I always managed to drop it ether in the sink or shower (wherever I was at the time). It is so frustrating that I'm just tossing it in the trash. I even took a piece and put it in a little container filled with water and it stayed solid. I don't know how this is supposed to work or maybe I got the 'broken' one?

I don't go often to the Yves Rocher store but whenever I go I always get something for free and this one was another free product. I got to choose the scent and they just gave it to me. I picked up the Orange blossom and Lavender scented body butter because I'm obsessed with lavender  but this one smells more like orange blossom, a bit bitter and not so much like the purple flower. It was thick and it did moisturize my skin well but it was nothing too impressive so I won't repurchase it not even in other scents.

Avon care glycerin hand, nail and cuticle cream is my favorite cream. I have gone through so many tubes of it and it is always somewhere near me. At the moment I have one at work and one at home next to my tv remote. Sometimes I pick the limited edition packaging in the Winter time or slightly scented Spring options to spice thing up. They always have the same formula that I love so much so different packaging is just for my visual pleasure.

 Avon Femme perfume was a little Rose scented perfume. I would use it solo or in combination with some other scents. It honestly is nothing special just Rose scented perfume but I liked it. I probably won't repurchase it again because it didn't last on me plus at the moment I still have so many full bottles that I'm on a complete no buy considering scents but the Christmas and New Year discounts are coming and I will feel weak so I have to save my money till then at least ;)

The very last item is this Batiste heavenly volume dry shampoo. I like their formula even though I have to be careful not to spray too much because of the white cast. I already used and repurchased Peony one which is divine for  my nose  ;) but this one smells just like the 'old' dry shampoos. Not disgusting but also not too pleasant and the volume that they are promising was just making my hair sticky. I won't spend my money on this one again but I will try some other scents.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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